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Young workers into China "soul catcher Gordon Zhejiang platform into" net red "- Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hangzhou August 27th new media news (" China network in reporter Zhu Han Wang Yang) 33 year old from Henan logistics worker Yu Jianchun, have not received professional education, but with his mathematical discovery on the platform of Zhejiang University and, professor and PhD students "generations on the road". This China story, like the Oscar winning film "the spirit" version of reality. The hero of the story is not only the strongest brain, as well as perseverance and focus. Young people working on the university stage one day in June this year, at the Zhejiang University School of mathematics of the podium, found their Yu Jianchun mathematical deduction; under the platform sat 6 people, is the Mathematics Department of Zhejiang University Professor, doctoral and postdoctoral. Recalled the scene, wearing baggy overalls Yu Jianchun smiled shyly: "have been hand shaking, especially nervous, also the wrong number." Yu Jianchun from Henan, Xinxian County, graduated from a college of animal husbandry professional, is currently a packaging workers. Zhejiang "stage" on the same day, he was on the board a deduction of the found himself five mathematics, from 10:30 in the morning until 12, sweat soaked clothes. In the meantime, he did not take a look at the notes or reference materials. These numbers and formulas have long been printed in the brain, and he can’t count how many times he has used them. Five Yu Jianchun show, there are two results have been confirmed, there is a similar palindrome number of interesting properties, criteria for a "Carmichael number" the rest of the group and a series of high congruence equations, let mathematics experts feel quite bright. Zhejiang University College of mathematics professor Cai Tian said, Yu Jianchun is the most valuable discovery, criteria for a group of Carmichael number. "Carmichael number" is a pseudo prime (pseudo prime), in a positive integer of less than one hundred million in only 255. Zhejiang University Students verified Yu Jianchun’s formula, that in a certain range, Yu Jianchun found to be able to find more efficient Carmichael number. "Yu Jianchun has come up with a very imaginative approach. He has a sensitive intuition about numbers. It’s a gift." Cai day said. Experts believe that more than half of the idea of "novel" part of the results have a certain depth". Due to the short process of argumentation, Yu’s discovery could not be published as a formal academic paper, Cai Tianxin decided to include Yu Jianchun’s formula in the latest English works. I did not expect to think of the mathematical formula has been recognized by the University professor!" Recall the podium, Yu Jianchun very surprised. Recognized that moment, he waited for many years, but also look forward to years. Yu Jianchun 8 years devoted to the introduction of formula, said that his findings are mostly rely on intuition, that the discriminant of the number of Carmichael is a step by step by intuition, around the past about 8 years. In the meantime, he moved around to work in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Dongguan and other security guards, workers, but he never gave up the hard math love. "Inspiration, write on ecstasy, five or six consecutive days in study, eating and sleeping are not in the mood." Yu Jianchun.相关的主题文章:

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