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Xi Jinping in the Kampuchea media published a signed article – Sohu Xi Jinping in Kampuchea news media published a signed article Xinhua Beijing on 12 October, October 12th, in a state visit to Kingdom of Cambodia on the eve of President Xi Jinping in Kampuchea "Kampuchea light" report entitled "be in perfect sympathy with each other good neighbors, a true friend" article. The article is as follows: be in perfect sympathy with each other good neighbor, friend of People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping Sihamoni invited the king of Kingdom of Cambodia, I will pay a state visit to Kingdom of Cambodia. This is my first visit to Kampuchea since I became president of china. Kampuchea is the ancient maritime Silk Road important station has a long glorious history and unique cultural characteristics of the Khmer culture. The industrious and intelligent people of Kampuchea created a dazzling Angkor, its magnificent architecture and exquisite relief murals are left as the acme of perfection, Art beats nature., immortal chapter in the history of human civilization. Entered in twenty-first Century, Kampuchea, the country’s booming construction, people’s living standards continue to improve, the future worth looking forward to. China and Kampuchea are similar in geography and culture, and the history of friendly exchanges between the two countries can be traced back to more than 1000 years ago. Through the maritime Silk Road, Chinese porcelain, lacquerware, spices, yellow Kampuchea, Everfount served on the other people’s hands. The mural of Bayon is engraved with the vivid scenes of ancient Chinese merchants and the people of Kampuchea. From fifth Century to sixth Century China South and North Dynasties, Sangha in Borneo, Datura, Subhuti 3 monks to China by preaching. China yuan envoys weeks after visiting Kampuchea on writing "Customs of Cambodia" book records the friendly exchanges between China and Cambodia Angkor and the local customs and practices of the people. China Ming Dynasty navigator Zheng He maritime repeatedly stop in Kampuchea, said the hot weather here ", often Tian salt production, custom is abundant, fertile". Kampong Cham is located in the suburb of three Paul Temple stretches, telling the indissoluble bound Cambodia people. Kampuchea proverb says "trust tree", Sino Cambodian friendship after years of baptism and the international test has always been thick with leaves and deep-rooted amidst the winds of change. Thanks to the careful cultivation of the older generation of leaders of the two countries. In 1958, China formally established diplomatic relations with Kampuchea, opening a new chapter in bilateral relations. Over the past 58 years, the leaders of the two countries have kept close contact and established profound friendship. Sihanouk said with emotion: "long-term friendship between Cambodia firmly, like a never withering flowers, always open in the sunny sky." This is a true portrayal of the Sino Cambodian friendship. In the new period, Cambodia, continue to inherit and carry forward the friendship. The bilateral political mutual trust, economic win-win, fruitful pragmatic cooperation in various fields, to maintain close communication and coordination in international and regional affairs, is a model of equality, sincere cooperation between nations. In 2010, Cambodia in the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership, bilateral relations have entered a new period. Highly fit between the two countries in the countries agreed to speed up the development of the concept, "The Belt and Road" initiative and the "four corners" strategic docking. In recent years, bilateral.相关的主题文章:

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