Why am I more and more afraid of WeChat clazziquai

Why am I more and more afraid of WeChat? "You got a WeChat message." you got a WeChat message. "You got a WeChat message"…… 10 pm, mobile phone full screen is the mobile phone battery also seems to suggest that because of constantly barrage down. Open the lock screen: "why don’t you get back to me?" "XX things done quickly sent me materials……" "Well, this is according to a mobile phone shutdown?" "Just a few points, back so slowly want to mix in the company?"…… The company’s information, customer information, family information, friends of the information, overwhelming to you, seems to be back for a second, is the biggest sin. It is said that science changes life, so that your life faster and faster, more and more efficient. No longer a long message, do not wait to work time and not because the private landline calls, time, even late at night to call on feeling so heavy. Seems to be fast and humane. But why do I feel so tired? When work rush, most afraid of is received from the home of WeChat. Perhaps the elders of WeChat’s view, just like a cell phone, like WeChat, communication is nothing more than save a few phone calls. So, maybe just trifles, they are willing to send you a WeChat. While you’re busy not open itself, see things will temporarily skip. But then we get a call…… Friend is an Internet person, a part-time job in the network host. Sometimes some morning night overtime webcast. At that time only a moment away from the post. And his family can not understand the evening overtime, can not understand the live off the body concept. So, a WeChat came out to urge him to solve some urgent things. While watching the screen out of the information, while live work. He said he was very anxious. Go home and rest time, especially hope, can sleep, sleep until dawn, or look at the love movie love books, love painting drawing, tired to put off. Can not talk to people, have their own space. However, the work will not easily let you. In particular, after the emergence of mobile products such as WeChat, it seems that all people have a default WeChat is part of your body organs. If you have any questions or problems, you can’t wait to get the answer from you. Of course, what you do in the rest of the time, the other side is not care, anyway, he thought it was not a direct call, you can not go back ah ~ ~ ~, but you go back late or not back, it may be a sin. Tried a night, spirits big, dedicated to painting, painting the night, then sleep the end, don’t think before going to bed, brush mobile phone. The result is a problem. Boss more than eight points in the group to send their own information, ask a project, there is no timely reply. The second day in the morning more than 9 points, the boss was the boss, "pointing" a lot: I do not require the work done immediately, but I asked the question, is it possible to tell me when you can complete, give me a little time? Actually. That work is not urgent. But the boss won’t call you. Will only give you information. If you don’t return the information, you have no work相关的主题文章:

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