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What is the speed limit of the highway around Tianjin? You really don’t know that from the Tianjin traffic: only in September, Tianjin along the highway to recording the vehicle overspeed illegal, nearly 7000. "Eleven" holiday is coming, you also prepared to vacation with a ticket to fly? Take a look at the speed limit and the speed of the speed of the electronic police Tianjin point, slow hand! Speeding again: the consequences will be grievous ten accident nine times faster, the following reasons easily lead to dangerous situations: speeding speeding drivers judgment speeding caused by decreased visual acuity and neural driver of high tension, increased fatigue speeding braking distance increases, increasing the height of the vehicle longitudinal collision probability fatigue, prone to burst fault speeding increases the likelihood of rollover notably, motor vehicle driving on the highway, as long as the speed exceeds the speed, even less than 10% will not be fined and scoring penalties, will still be recorded by the traffic control department of illegal processing system. The driver or owner should be to Tianjin any window handle traffic violations take warning education, otherwise the vehicle cannot pass, can not apply for inspection marks. Tianjin city highway speed limit and the speed it is understood that in addition to set up 6 interval velocity of electronic police and more than 50 in the expressway at the mobile speed point, the current passing through the Tianjin expressway construction also has search control system with 23 speeding illegal recording function, fixed point measurement. The system has the yellow car and without a license plate, undetected, scrap and other traffic violations and other illegal behavior due to escape, police search list entry vehicle involved in the traffic accident, automatic inspection comparison function. The traffic control department after receiving the alarm signal, you can quickly along the traffic police command dispatched investigation, greatly improving the illegal vehicle detection and investigation efficiency. 6 interval speed electronic police 23 fixed electronic police traffic police have charged several speed dependent "electronic dog" to remind the speed not reliable in highway driving, many people used to rely on the "electronic dog" to control the speed of the vehicle, "measuring equipment" to hear the voice prompt to slam the brakes on the front. However, the traffic control department of Tianjin said: this does not escape the speeding ticket video. The reason is that: including Tianjin, many provinces and cities along the highway has been enabled in the interval speed electronic police. The interval velocity is arranged in the same section of the two monitoring points, before and after the vehicle through the two monitoring points based on the time to calculate the average speed of the vehicle on the road, and on the basis of the section of the speed limit standard judging whether the vehicle is speeding illegal. Interval speed in the road, the speed can not be fast or slow after the first slow after the fast, high-speed traffic police will also cooperate with the use of fixed speed, moving speed. So as long as the vehicle speeding will be recorded. Lane change will not affect the results of interval speed. Because the interval velocity is through the vehicle license plate automatic recognition system, before and after the two speed monitoring equipment are divided lane capture, even changing lanes, the computer system can also automatically identify alignment. Different vehicle lanes.相关的主题文章:

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