WeChat fat, Zhang Xiaolong anxious ravbin

WeChat fat, Zhang Xiaolong anxious to enter the era of WeChat, WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong’s prestige will grow. In science and technology and undertaking the two sectors, Zhang Xiaolong has been to make a fetish of. Whenever there is a speech by Zhang Xiaolong, the relevant content has been pursued warmly and quickly swept the disclosure, including WeChat, social media. Recently, WeChat held the annual Leadership Conference, Zhang Xiaolong for the Tencent WeChat group leader above the base, the middle management cadre gave a lecture on the content related to the rapid expansion of the WeChat team, also soon spread in every circle of friends. In addition to Zhang Xiaolong’s personal appeal, the speech content itself was the phrase, due to the wide spread. Zhang Xiaolong proposed an almost all the growth of enterprises will encounter, but the Internet companies need to pay special attention to the problem: the rapid expansion of the size of the team. Zhang Xiaolong cited the concept of "Dunbar number", that is, no matter how well developed human technology, the number of people able to achieve stable communication must be about 150. Once more than the number of points like "human history", cultivating language, fiction and imagination. WeChat team when only 10 people, has now reached 1500 people, is 150 times the number of people. Therefore, Zhang Xiaolong has reason to feel anxious, the 1500 increase in human capital at the same time, the loss of internal synergy boundaries. In fact, many companies once the scale is large, it is easy to produce nursing home attributes. Because the leadership is not possible to produce a stable communication with all employees, after a lot of many levels, a lot of internal space, the initial goal has begun to produce bias. For example, Zhang Xiaolong proposed K PI (key performance indicators) should be a byproduct of a good product. If a product can really help people solve problems, it will naturally rise KPI. But the reality is that many of the company’s employees began to set the goal directly on the K PI, which also led directly to the production of a large enterprise to help employees of the enterprise manufacturing data. Small to brush single company, big to × × headlines mode, are the product of this context. A company’s employees seem very busy, but the general direction of the wrong, the company’s outcome will not be good. Zhang Xiaolong apparently does not want WeChat to fall into such a situation. The same is the rapid rise in the number of enterprises, but the traditional manufacturing and Internet companies are also different. Foxconn manufacturing enterprises such as the quality of front-line workers is not high, standardization is the direction. The WeChat Internet team, the requirement is that everyone should be creative. Zhang Xiaolong is very respected small team agility, after an idea, it can be implemented quickly, and then continue to modify, the final shape. Internet entrepreneurs are concerned about the rapid iteration, faster than good is more important, because there is no end, adhere to the rapid correction, the product will become better and better. In contrast, large companies, large, the process will be more, the idea of landing process is more complicated. This emphasis on mobile, innovative and fast Internet team is simply a disaster. In fact, Zhang Xiaolong in Guangzhou Q Q mailbox team started to blaze a new trail, a.相关的主题文章:

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