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Vocational school students practice to "sell" the red line delineated although implementation is the problem [Abstract] Chinese September 28th Youth Daily News, recently, Shaanxi, Shandong and Gansu and other places are exposed to the threat of occupation school graduation certificate, forcing the students to go to the designated factory… China Youth Daily News September 28th, recently, Shaanxi, Shandong, Gansu and other places have occupation school graduation certificate to exposed threatening, forcing the students to go to the designated factory internship news, some students also reflected in an interview, "the school and reselling them to the intermediary". (xinhuanet.com September 26th) the so-called "common practice internship" and students participate in different, it needs to fully fulfill their duties of all interns. This kind of practice should be arranged in the last stage of the professional study, the premise is that the students have mastered the basic knowledge and basic practice methods. However, a lot of occupation school in students’ internship arrangements, and did not respect the basic law of education. For example, the media exposure, the new semester started, hundreds of students in Gansu Lanzhou Career Academy is the electronic factory to Guangdong Huizhou, Jiangsu School of Kunshan and other places for a half year internship internship, students are required to work at least 12 hours a day, and in the major unrelated line of work. For interns, this is a waste of time, youth. However, the school compulsory practice, do not go to practice there is no graduation certificate, students dare not speak angrily. The school students forced to a unit of practice, of course have their own small abacus". Now many schools are facing difficult enrollment, weak teachers, the shortage of funds, the use of a student to survive their harvest. The school and the docking unit signed a cooperation agreement, the students to sell. Because of the use of cheap labor, the receiving unit of happiness within. Internship students often do not have signed a formal labor contract, in the "labor contract law", the scope of protection, the rights and interests of the interns can not be guaranteed. In fact, this year, the Ministry of education and other five departments have issued a vocational school student practice management regulations, which clearly the rights and interests of interns should be protected. For example, occupation school and internship units shall be respectively selected with rich experience and good professional quality, strong sense of responsibility, sense of security high teachers and specialized personnel throughout the guide, common management practice of the students. For the selection of practice, any unit or department shall not interfere with the normal arrangement of vocational schools and the implementation of internship programs, vocational schools should not be forced to arrange for students to the designated unit internship. Moreover, the students were not cheap labor, pay the internship should not be lower than the same unit post probation salary standard 80%. These Provisions to the practice of vocational school students designated a "red line", for the renovation of many practice chaos has a positive significance. However, how to implement the regulations, and effectively protect the rights and interests of students, is still a real problem. This requires vocational schools to strengthen self-discipline, in strict accordance with the provisions and principles of education to guide students to practice, must not sacrifice the interests of students at the expense of profit. Practice units also inviolable rights at work, rest, intern remuneration etc., should respect and protect their internship..相关的主题文章:

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