Up knowledge! The original baby to see the world is like this – Sohu maternal and child (video) ca1834

Up knowledge! The original baby sees the world as such – Sohu often have to ma mother kangaroo mother message, said: "after the birth of the baby, always worried about the baby’s vision is not a problem, what method can judge the eyesight of children is normal?" In fact, in daily life, the mother is not in a few doubts, therefore, the "healthy growth" Ma Ma invited Beijing Children’s Hospital, Beijing kangaroo ophthalmology at children’s Hospital of Eastern Li Li, as we explain the method of eyesight of children aged 0~6 development standard and judge whether the abnormal visual acuity. (expert: Li Li. The affiliated Beijing Children’s Hospital of Capital Medical University, Beijing eye district director of the children’s Hospital, super experts, Chinese Medical Doctor Association ophthalmologist branch of strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology professional committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Medical Association of Ophthalmology, China international health care association visual health branch members, good children with ametropia (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism), diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases in children amblyopia strabismus, etc.). Video address: 0~6 year old children’s visual development standards, said Li Li, director of the human beings are not born with 1 of the vision, the baby was born and can not distinguish between what is seen. With the gradual growth of the eye function gradually improved, which slowly reached the normal level of our adult vision. 1, 0~1 months: Bao Baogang was born, poor eyesight. By 1 months, he can only see things in front of the fuzzy or manual. For example, when you take a toy in front of the child, you will feel it. In addition, he could see the lights, medicine is called light, if the hand suddenly shot newborn’s eyes, he will frown, eyes closed. 2, 2~3 months: at this time the baby has been watching, he can see near objects, such as the mother’s face, and can react according to the mother’s smile. In addition, the eye can follow the movement. For example, we take a small object in front of the child, when the ball moves from left to right, you will find the child’s eyes will follow the movement. 3, the age of 1: the level of vision can reach 0.1-0.2, can follow the falling objects, can see relatively small objects. 4, the age of 3: the level of vision can reach up to 0.5, to determine the size of objects, up and down, inside and outside, front and rear, near and far, such as the concept of space. 5, the age of 6: basic can reach the level of adults, that is, the level of 1. How to determine whether the baby’s vision is normal? 1, the method to determine whether the child’s vision is normal, there is a relatively simple method: cover method. The specific operation is that parents with a hand covering one eye in a child: if the child does not have any reaction, and that this eye eyesight of children is relatively poor; if we cover the other eye, the child very resist, crying, and that this eye cover is relatively good eyesight. However, parents need to be reminded that this is just a way to assist in the diagnosis, and ultimately to bring the child to the hospital to do the inspection, confirmed by the doctor. 2, check.相关的主题文章:

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