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Two mining enterprises "hollowing out" investment of about 4000000000 yuan in Lvliang beltway Sohu news "Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter Xu Cao – Li Yongquan Taiyuan, Lvliang reported | Shanxi (this article published in the "China Economic Weekly" in 2016 thirty-seventh) of Lvliang city highway is located in Shanxi city of Lvliang Province territory under the jurisdiction of Lishi district and Fangshan County, Shanxi the "Twelve vertical and three horizontal twelve ring highway network planning is an important part of the history of the development of Lvliang transportation first ring expressway. The highway for the provincial key projects, is the provincial investment in the city construction project, funded by the Shanxi provincial high speed group, the Shanxi Provincial Transportation Planning Survey and Design Institute, the entire 38 km. Lvliang city highway was built in April 2011, completed in November 2015 opening. However, since April this year, the important sections of the highway — the direction to Linxian County main line was closed in both directions. A 4 billion 78 million yuan investment in the highway, why run less than half a year there would be "accident"? What is the reason behind? The Beltway when to re ring? A "birth" is "sick" Beltway of Lvliang city highway starting point is located in Yan Dawu town Fangshan County home village north, the Dawu hub connecting Lin from the highway, these hub connecting Fenyang to Lishi section of Qingdao Yinchuan expressway, is located in the Tian Lishi district will end point on the street floor Bridge neighborhood West, the route length of 38.188 km, the the construction of a two-way four lane Expressway standard, the design speed of 80km h, the project total investment budget of 4 billion 78 million yuan, in April 2011 officially started construction, September 2014 to complete the inspection and acceptance of completed, November 10, 2015. Shanxi Provincial Department of transportation and Lvliang city leaders attended the opening ceremony. The "Lvliang daily" reported: (the Lvliang beltway) traffic operation, to the improvement of the regional road network layout, accelerate the regional economic development in Lvliang City, meet the traffic demand, improve the investment environment in Lvliang and Lvliang to promote urban construction and economic development, the adjustment of industrial structure, coal transportation and tourism resources development will produce the profound influence and the important strategic significance. "I will take the Lvliang City Beltway officially opened as an opportunity to speed up the comprehensive transportation system construction, further improve the infrastructure, optimize the investment environment." However, the high hopes of Lvliang’s first high-speed traffic, in just 160 days, but has been reworked". According to the general manager of Lvliang city highway management limited liability company Xu Hong introduced in mid April 2016, maintenance workers yunguanchu found Guojiagou No. 1 bridge pier No. 1 to No. 5 Bridge Pier cracks, timely grouting repair, but after just 3 days to crack width, yunguanchu immediately report to the higher authorities in Shanxi the high speed group, by the high speed group appointed Shanxi Transportation Planning Survey and Design Institute of expert survey found that there are multiple Fangshan County mining and Fangshan County with two giant mining enterprises under the aluminum ore mining area highway cracks. April 2016 23"相关的主题文章:

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