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Tsinghua University professor of telecommunications fraud was by the threat of exposure details: a step by step trapped pictures from the Beijing evening news Sina Francisco September 22nd morning news, the third session of the national cyber security awareness week and the sixth session of the Shanghai Municipal Information Safety Week held in Shanghai city on Monday, recently much public attention of telecommunications fraud undoubtedly become the focus of the event the discussion. In the opening ceremony of the 19 day of the speech, Fudan University professor Yang Min to Tsinghua Professor cheated, for example, to explain the telecommunications fraud, while revealing more details of the incident. Yang Min said, Tsinghua University Professor cheated just sold a house, home received a telephone fraud, the other said the threat to his evasion of taxes to the final step by step into 17 million 600 thousand, have all been cheated. "Liar can tell you exactly how much is, net contract number, some information of all kinds of transaction details, crooks are able to say that Yang Min closely reasoned and well argued.". Li Jianhua, Dean of School of information security engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said telecommunications fraud has formed a complete black industry chain, the number of employees more than 1 million 600 thousand people, fraud, the annual output value of up to $115 billion 200 million. Beijing, Shanghai, such as the first tier cities, many users can receive phone calls almost every day. In addition to the implementation of the real name system, containment from the outside, it should be clear telecommunications fraud conviction and sentencing standards. With the rapid development of Internet technology, criminals often use hacker means of Internet fraud, Internet pornography, illegal access to information of citizens and other illegal and criminal activities, become the outstanding problem of influencing the security of the internet. At the end of July this year, Shanghai police cracked the case involving the network since 2182, and arrested 3975 suspects. Among them, the 8% is the use of hacking online illegal activities.相关的主题文章:

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