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Po trace elements, one can not be less – Sohu maternal treasure trace elements, one can not be less trace elements? Baba mama said: the first time I heard, but seemingly tall on the way. Also yes, more do not understand and don’t speak up what was mixed with a small head will worship wonder, especially such a scientific knowledge about the way, baby. Well, that is what is the trace element first: the human body is composed of 60 elements. According to the content of elements in the human body is different, can be divided into macro elements and trace elements in two categories, which accounted for more than 0.01% of the total weight of the body element, such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, called macro elements; who accounted for 0.01% of the total weight of the human body the following elements, such as iron and zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, manganese and other trace elements, called. Even the macro elements in two digits after the decimal point, the trace element, is really very little, like zinc accounted for the total weight of the body thirty-three ppm, iron is only sixty parts per million, even the number of macro elements calcium very important, also not to go and this is not the focus, the focus is, metabolism of calcium, more common in infants and babies! So, the current trace element detection project, calcium is one of which will be checked. Anyway, trace elements are so small, a little less, it looks like it?" It’s not like money in your pocket, 10 dollars and 9 dollars difference, important people here, besides, it also lacks a trace, and let the healthy growth of the treasure? Trace element deficiency symptoms, Xiao Nan will list them one by one, really not to scare you Baba mama. Zinc deficiency — anorexia, slow growth of course, don’t expect they will jump out and say "I zinc flow is not enough, it will show some treasure, to express their needs, the early performance is the treasure to reduce appetite, Xiao Nan had zinc deficiency baby, often taste, acid, sweet, bitter, salty innocently tell; growth retardation, short stature, weight gain; resistance is poor, prone to repeated colds and diarrhea; recurrent oral ulcer; taste buds is dragged, anorexia. How to break? Sibu Bai, like oysters, hickory, Scallop in Shell, Tricholoma, letinous edodes, mutton, sunflower, liver, beef liver, are rich in zinc, hemp to do, is to eat more treasure. Iron deficiency anemia, attention to this kind of treasure is also very common, especially iron deficiency anemia, the health effects of treasure is very serious, severe iron deficiency anemia and even threaten the life of treasure! Ten thousand steps back, iron deficiency can also damage the treasure of intellectual development, let them easily excited, indifference, lack of interest in things around, go for a long time will cause children and adolescents attention, learning ability, memory abnormal…… Only the incidence of lead poisoning, iron deficiency treasure than the lack of treasure 3 – 4 times higher. Or tonic, animal foods such as liver, blood and lean meat, beans, green leafy vegetables, brown sugar, bird.相关的主题文章:

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