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Tianjin district Party Cadres: resolutely support the investigation of Huang Xingguo website screenshot original title: the city’s party members and cadres and resolutely support the central decision   highly consistent with the central to do all the work on the 11 day, the city district departments each unit Party committee often quickly convey the spirit of the meeting and the city’s leading cadres. The city’s party members and cadres said, firmly support the central of Huang Xingguo alleged serious violation of the investigation of the organization decided to effectively enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, in the ideological and political action has always been the same as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping highly consistent, with a high sense of political responsibility and the sense of mission, to make every effort to reform development and stability of the work, so that the Party Central Committee assured satisfaction of the people. The city’s party members and cadres, the central government decided to organize the investigation of Huang Xingguo alleged serious violation, fully embodies the central party from the strict control of attitude, no matter what, no matter what position, as long as the breach of Party discipline, will be severely punished, and never allowed to have a special party members are not subject to Party discipline, and even constraints to override the Constitution and the organization, the party will not allow corrupt hideout. We resolutely support and obey the central decision, with the requirements of the central unity of thought and action, selves, responsible for defending their territories, to ensure overall social security and stability, to ensure that the work along the right direction. Cadres at all levels, in the face of major issues issues of right and wrong must keep a clear mind, talk about politics, the overall situation, abide by the rules, the implementation of the two responsibilities, make sensible politics, to achieve absolute loyalty to the party, and consciously safeguard central authority. In the ideological and political action consciously to the same as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping highly consistent, keep in mind the ideal conviction is the most dangerous shaken, ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous landslide Landslide, and carry out "two a" learning education, careful study, in-depth study of the spirit of the total party constitution Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches and "71" important speech, adhere to the correct political direction. To strictly observe Party discipline especially political discipline and political rules, resolutely implement the "Chinese self-discipline criterion" and "the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China disciplinary regulations", truly from self-discipline, consciously undergo the test of corruption. Now, the city’s development is at a critical period, we should be based on the position, assume responsibility and mission, do a good job, ningxinjuli, intentnesses, work hard to maintain a good momentum of development in Tianjin. District Party members and cadres, said the central government on the alleged serious violation of the investigation of the decision to organize the investigation, fully embodies the CPC Central Committee anti-corruption zero tolerance, full coverage, no determination of the forbidden zone. We resolutely support and obey, to practical thinking and action with the central decisions and requirements, to strengthen the "Four Consciousness", strictly abide by the "six discipline", and carry out the "two a" study and education, the full implementation of strict requirements, the implementation of clean government two responsibility "in the face of major issues issues of right and wrong firm political stance, politically conscious, with practical actions to ensure the stabilization and reform Kai相关的主题文章:

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