Three Shaanxi youth addiction knife robbery arrested fled Dongguan (video) adobe gamma

Three Shaanxi youth addiction knife robbery arrested fled Dongguan Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xie Yingjun correspondent Zhang Zhongling, Zhang Yunfeng) Shaanxi 3 teenagers jiancaiqiyi, to raise fees actually a knife robbed shopkeeper, stole 4000 yuan fled to Dongguan. The they are ready to go to Huizhou Huicheng Dongguan rail Changping station, police were on duty to see the flaws. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the police department, Shaanxi city of Weinan province "11· 3 suspects 3" robbery was arrested in Dongguan, they have been handed over to the police for further investigation. 3 teenagers were captured suspects 13 days this month at 7:50 PM, Huicheng Dongguan rail Changping station in front of the Huizhou Railway Police Department Changping station police station is for patrol inspection work station — the last Qing from Changping east to Xiaojinkou intercity train departure time will be C7947 at 8 o’clock. At this time, 3 students look like a boy ran out of breath into the Changping East station. When they saw the police, the first one Leng, then turned to leave. The police quickly came and questioned, 3 boys hesitated and said: "we want to take the last train to Huizhou back to school." When the police asked which school and asked to produce a student ID, they suddenly panic, said only to carry the ID card. The police of the 3 ID card for verification, it is found that the Shaanxi city of Weinan province "11· major crime suspect 3" robbery, was immediately captured. After investigation, the 3 boys were named Wang (16 years old), a (17 years old), Zhao (18 years old), were Linwei District Weinan city of Shaanxi province. To raise net charge of robbery and assault fled to Dongguan 3 teenagers accountable, they are junior high school students, parents are farmers, family more distress, but they are addicted to online games, the desire to learn, finally simply drop every day mixed in Internet cafes playing games in. The parents were disappointed and cut off their sources of income. No money into Internet cafes can not play the game, so they wanted to approach the money, initially to take a part-time job to earn some living expenses, but they always have Internet addiction. 3 this month, 19 PM, when Wang in a store in Weinan city of Shaanxi to buy things, see the shop owner Qinmou was counting money, Wang from the greed. Wang ran back to the bar and a Zhao, two people after consultation, decided to implement the robbery. 9 o’clock that night, the streets of pedestrians gradually scarce, the person holding a knife in the vicinity of the store to break into the store to buy a store in the vicinity of the store to buy a knife in the vicinity of the store to buy a knife into the store. In the shop owner Qin resistance, more than a knife in his body stabbed more than and 10 knives, until it can not move. Wang and Zhao Mouze in the store to grab carry off all that one has more than 4000 yuan in cash, and a mobile phone, then three people fled the scene. The wounded came to Qinmou immediately alarm, the police rushed to the scene he was rushed to the hospital. After several rescue, Qin out of danger. According to nearby and store video surveillance, police quickly locked the 3 suspects. The 3 teenagers carrying stolen more than 4000 yuan overnight in Dali and Dali to Yunnan, after a few days of play money There is not much left. As a result, they fled to Guangdong by car to find a job in Dongguan, but did not find a suitable job. To 1 pairs相关的主题文章:

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