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The 10 thing is the real meaning of travel "(original title: every trip to 10 things to try) lead: the meaning of travel where? Can not find the direction to look at Xiaobian to your guide! (source: PClady) 1, a lot of walking than to go anywhere on the road stopped a taxi, his feet walking the streets in the city can feel more calm atmosphere, because had the opportunity to meet different people, find surprises, can at any time Carnival also stopped and exciting to run in time to stop time. 2, take public transportation to make public transportation convenient to take you to a different zone in the subway, you can observe the local people the most real, the morning time is perhaps hurried to the company office, to the Friday night may be full of cars are out of party for young people, can also look at different countries whether the person in the car is sliding mobile phone, or read a book, their faces are smiling or frowning in the city life to capture concerns, with a car, a section of the time. 3, do not miss the snacks on the road that the local people will be free to buy home at work, it is a day to eat food! To Paris, how can not learn them in the way of the bakery to buy a long stick with cheese and red wine, enjoy the home to Berlin you will want a taste of curry hot dogs taste, each city has its own flavor, and these are probably days so you never forget, a smell similar taste with my heart good memories. 4, ask a local person to recommend you to taste authentic cuisine restaurant "Eat Pray Love", the author in Italy most often do is to ask the small vendors master recommended him which has the best pizza, who will live in these decades than local chefs know more authentic and delicious? If I know the local people believe that they will recommend you with enthusiasm really good food, rather than those with tourists, taste bad restaurant. 5, one of the most interesting things around other travelers travel, that is, chat with people from around the world who become friends. Often by such a process, make a trip because of the warmth of the people and become more meaningful, you will find that some people even in their lives and their own country in different countries, the heart is so similar and close.           6, to chat and make friends on the bus just sit beside the girl, met in the pub and the local people of other guests can be lucky you are talking to, sometimes they will take the initiative to talk with you, other times as long as you show a little courage to speak. Whether it is or has become so improbable, your journey will, try to integrate into the local people will add many interesting stories for you to travel, will be more understanding of the culture of the city. 7, looking for the book does not belong to the tourist attractions that you two in the morning before opening the bakery is found in the middle of the night wandering outside a small heaven than others, because go Dou Yuan to find her own appreciation night;相关的主题文章:

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