The year rangebound in public fund performance and difference of nearly 70%

The year rangebound in public fund performance and difference of nearly 70%, reporter Zhao Mingchao, editor of Yu Yong in the year L market trend, the performance of the public offering of the fund’s sharp differentiation, some fund managers rely on good timing and the ability to grasp the theme of market trends, contrarian to get a good income; but in the interval volatility in the market, some fund managers frequently lead to transfer positions convertible to step on the wrong market rhythm, the net value of the fund fell sharply. It also makes the years actively managed funds and the performance difference of nearly 70%. Statistics show that as of September 6th, in 1816 kinds of active management funds, a total of 542 funds to achieve positive returns. In the ranking of the fund, in addition to some of the fund suffered a huge redemption, redemption fees included in the fund’s assets led to the fund’s net worth soared outside the fund. In partial shares mixed fund, Societe Generale suelly flexible allocation fund 29.94% of the total return to behind the champion, Qianhai Kaiyuan gold and silver jewelry mixed A followed by 29.82%, Celestica Yongding value growth mixed fund to 18.12% ranked third. In the common stock fund, harvest low carbon environmental protection fund to 21.9% in the first round, the letter Yongfeng Youjia life fund followed by 21.07%, ICBC style fund industry ranked third with 18.31%. From the blue chip fund performance eye-catching performance, there are two main reasons: one is the subject of benefit from the trend in the market, two is a good timing ability. Industrial suelly flexible allocation fund, for example, the fund report shows that in 2015, the allocation of shares accounted for only 2.14% of the net assets of the fund, the top ten awkwardness only accounted for 1.67% of the net assets of the fund, successfully escaped the crash at the beginning of the year. The fund in 2016 a quarterly and semi annual report shows that the top ten awkwardness total fund net assets are less than 20%. Qianhai gold and silver jewelry from the open fund, established last year to mid February this year, continue in a state of short positions, but in the next gold plate contrarian rose heavily loaded participate in the market, ten awkwardness is all gold and silver stocks and shares eye-catching performance of lithium battery. As of September 6th, the performance of the backward funds, a loss of 36.95% mixed consumption theme bottom, unlimited Internet theme North Ruifeng letter loss 36.31%, Ping An UOB Xinxin pioneer A loss of 35.3% third countdown. From the net value of the Fund ranked by the curve, mostly in the early fall in the fuse suffered setbacks, but since the weak rally has not grasped, resulting in a net performance. The performance of the net and awkwardness changes, or the fund manager and the frequent transfer of convertible positions but not directly related to tazhun beat. From a consumer theme mixed fund awkwardness, by the end of 2015 is the emerging growth stocks in the first quarter of this year, the end of all changed banks, oil and other blue chips, the top ten awkwardness 8 Banks and Sinopec and Chinese oil; to the end of the two quarter, again for the replacement of all emerging growth stocks, in addition to the first awkwardness storm group, including Baotong technology, Shun network technology, contemporary, Mingcheng Sunyard, fast travel technology etc.. Composite banking index and the gem index on behalf of emerging growth stocks, the fund.相关的主题文章:

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