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The woman took thirty thousand cash to throw trash cleaning picked up for safekeeping (Figure) – Beijing Guilin life network (Guilin evening news reporter Mo Jun) carrying 30 thousand yuan in cash to put money down the stairs, but careless as to throw the garbage, but by residential cleaners picked up for safekeeping, it can restore the loss. Yesterday, who lives in Lingchuan County, Phoenix villa residential Ms. Guo told reporters about her confused experience. Guo pulled sister Qin (left) hand, repeatedly thanked. Reporter Mo Jun photo yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Indus Villa District, interviewed Ms. Guo Qin sister with the janitor. Guo told reporters that she and her husband in the city business, the day before yesterday received a cash payment of 36300 yuan, intends to save the bank to the second day. More than 10 o’clock yesterday morning, Ms. Guo and her husband go out, Ms. Guo asked her husband to the rubbish in the home downstairs, then carrying goods red handbag. Two people go downstairs and throw away the garbage, they drove out of the district. Through the gas station refueling, the two found that he did not bring enough cash, so brush credit card checkout. Near the breakfast after breakfast, Ms. Guo think wait to want to do business, when they found out before the red bag was gone. "I told my husband to find separately, can be home with the gas station everywhere but could not find. Then I began to wonder if it was thrown away as garbage." The trash before looking for Guo quickly came to her house downstairs, morning still litter, but the red bag is not in the bucket. Holding the idea to try to find the property to find help ms.. The retrieval of surveillance video found on the morning of Guo husband put rubbish into the bin, Guo then also put a red bag thrown in. "When I go out, I throw rubbish, and I might throw it away today." Ms. Guo said, see light suddenly. Surveillance video also shows that Guo and her husband left about half an hour later, the district’s cleaners Qin sister alone from the trash to take away the red bag. Staff members of the property quickly made contact with the Qin sister, soon, Qin sister handed the red bag back to Guo, which a lot of money. Qin sister told reporters, when she was about to pick up the cigarette butts into the trash, opened the lid and found the red bag. "Open it, it’s all money. See so much money really nervous, I have never seen so much money, do not know the real money is false." Qin sister said, she quickly put the purse back to work between custody, and then call her report to supervisor, but no one answered. Due to the heavy task of cleaning the morning, Qin sister and quickly returned to the job, until the property staff to call her. The money back after the praise of Qin Guo sister creditthat, proposed to come up with 500 yuan in return, but Qin sister has repeatedly refused, "this is what I should do, not sure I can’t take my money." Residential property, a person in charge told reporters that the eldest sister has been working in their area for more than 3 years, the performance of Qin sister, he.相关的主题文章:

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