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The more beautiful the more money   – Politics – southern Taihu coast of Zhejiang Huzhou landscape Qingli, "first proposed the important exposition of beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan here, the beautiful countryside construction also began in the. May 2014, approved by the State Council, Huzhou prefecture level city in the first ecological civilization demonstration area. Two years ago, after the construction of ecological civilization first, Huzhou continued to create the "first": promulgated and implemented the first national demonstration zone of ecological civilization construction of the local regulations; set up the first "green GDP" accounting application system of prefecture level cities in the developed country; the first municipal natural resource balance sheet. Huzhou municipal Party committee secretary Qiu Dongyao said that the ecological concept into the whole process of economic and social development, Huzhou, a blueprint drawn in the end". Protect the environment, with the "people no damage compensation" and "confusion" a special balance sheet, the financial data is not recorded on the enterprise, but the water quality of the river water level change, land type change, forest area density change. Recently, Huzhou city and subordinate counties to make such a from 2011 to 2015, the natural resources assets scale. This constantly updated natural resources account, will become the city, county, two party and government leaders of natural resources assets outgoing audit, an important basis for ecological environmental damage accountability. "The stock of all natural resources is the asset, and the amount of these resources, the quality of the decline, the cost of maintenance and governance, etc. constitute a liability." Qian Zhongyong, President of the Huzhou Bureau of statistics. The damage of natural resources, often is a "people no damage compensation" and "confusion", and now the control of natural resources in the balance sheet, at a glance of the protection and utilization of the natural resources in local development, and the construction of ecological civilization, leading cadres term and also have an objective basis for evaluation. Taking the lead in developing and applying the balance sheet of natural resources is one of the innovations in the construction of the system of ecological civilization construction in Huzhou. In July this year, the country’s first ecological civilization Demonstration Zone Local Regulations – Huzhou ecological civilization first demonstration zone construction regulations formally implemented. At the same time, Huzhou City, the first to establish a "green GDP" accounting application system, and comprehensive assessment of the county into the city, accounting for 35% of the proportion of the implementation of "green counties; not to test work on the ecological protection of the township, cancel the assessment of economic indicators. Green transformation, economic environment forced to "the first 4 years in the high-end enterprise founded, obsessed with" buried "research and development, the annual investment of 100 million yuan in the core material of power battery research, while the sales data is zero. A few years ago, micro macro power is often cast in surprise and puzzled eyes. In recent years, Huzhou determined to pain, two rounds of regulation to enhance the lead-acid battery industry. The micro macro power from the beginning of the creation of green products, aimed at the high-end market, more and more dazzling performance". 2014, in 2015, corporate sales jumped to 289 million yuan, respectively, $1 billion 500 million. With more than 300 patents, micro macro power of "10 points"相关的主题文章:

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