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The first Xuan Zang biographical novel "Xuan Zang Walker" published recently listed Sohu recently read, Xuan Zang’s first long biographical novel "Xuan Zang" Walker listed, the network has attracted much attention since the series, is a biographical novel of Meng Fei, Chen Kun, Mobley Yong Sheng, Shen Haobo, Yan Feng Professor recommended dozens of celebrities, thousands of readers after, tells the story of a monk Xuan Zang widespread but little-known life: a true loner trip. The first super long biographical novel about Xuanzang "Tang Seng", is notorious; however, the vast majority of people on the name "Xuan" is very strange. People are familiar with, is "journey to the west", the soft and weak white fat monk. There is no doubt that the "journey to the west" is China classical literature history, when people talked about a 99 to eighty-one hero Sun Wukong, Tang became a not essential existence. "Journey to the west" in exaggerated the road to learn hard, however, the real traces of Xuanzang "Buddhist records", "Da Ci’en Temple Tripitaka master biography" is too obscure, since that centuries – Tang Xuanzang: prototype, constantly being twisted and misunderstood, he learn on the way to show the wisdom and perseverance are completely ignored by the world. "Xuan Zang Walker" a book in the "Buddhist records", "Da Ci’en Temple Tripitaka master biography" and other historical materials for reference, is the first description of Xuan Zang’s life in the vernacular novels, the reduction of the history of the true image of Xuan Zang: a lasted 19 years, walking through the desert, snow capped mountains, 56 and 110. A city, walk 50 thousand miles, to India to learn the monks alone. This book will be a live only in history story, reappear in front of us is a rare and wonderful, the sincerity of the. Brain hole interpretation of Xuan Zang legendary life in terms of content, "Xuan Zang Walker" not only describe the monk Xuan Zang legendary life, positive energy fiction more a story of faith and courage, contains countless wisdom of life. Even in sports equipment, transportation developed today, alone on a dangerous sport across the desert, crossing the snowy mountains are considered; and as early as more than 1 thousand and 300 years ago, he alone miles west move, more can be regarded as a close call. Xuan Zang West’s original intention, is for their own anguish and confusion for a solution, he is willing to bear all the suffering, willing to sacrifice himself for his own power, save the common people. Since the beginning of the westbound Road, he promised himself: "would rather die to the East and West, not born." Therefore, when they blocked his path, he risked his life at the private ferry; in dusty moraine Mo Yan He four days and five nights, he did not enter the water meters, still refused to step to the east. From this point of view, Xuan Zang is not only an epic hero, but also a great man with wisdom and perseverance. In five years, 19 years after the disaster, all alone, he finally reached his destination: India Nalanda, he saw that his dream is the holy land of buddhism. I think the long journey of the enlightenment, chimaki Sanskrit scriptures not only on his back, not only in the records of the Department of humanities, geography of the countries along the "Tang xi.相关的主题文章:

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