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The boy abandoned hospital for 4 years to see mother shouted "good aunt" – Sohu news October 27th CCTV "economy and law" reported that 4 years ago, Beijing Fuwai Hospital for treatment of a 11 month old boy with congenital heart disease. The operation was successful, but the child is narrow, the child’s parents Luo Xiaojun, Mr. and Mrs. Guo Ping said that the hospital is caused by the insertion of the lung tube, is the responsibility of the hospital, the child left the hospital and did not come back to see the child. The day before, this case is enforced, was actually the child to see mother the first sentence: "good aunt". The boy has been living in Fuwai Hospital since he was 11 months old, and he has lived to the age of 4. A total of more than three years of hospital. Hospital helpless, had to put their parents to court. Court decision: first, two people take the child away, to fulfill their obligations to parents; the second, to pay the total cost of about $80 thousand hospital. Judge: can not fulfill this judgment ah, parents: No, we have no money, Inner Mongolia is too dry, afraid to get back in case of a cold sick place." The picture is a boy in hospital. The children live in the hospital, every day in the ward corridor ran, love love laugh, and nurses are very familiar. The nurse asked, "whose hair is this?" the boy replied, "Guo Degang." The nurse takes care of the boy. The boy’s parents in court. Asked why they do not fulfill their parents obligations, they said the hospital has a fault, requiring medical malpractice identification. Parents in court, said: "the child is not completely cured in the hospital, you have to go back to die." As the judge quoted. Guo Ping tearful accused the hospital behavior. The judge should move, but two people unmoved. Pictured Luo Xiaojun, Guo Ping couple in court. The court repeatedly warned that the two refused to perform, and finally the court had to detain the two. Detained for a few days, two people finally agreed to the hospital to pick up the child, perform the first sentence. In the second sentence, two said they work in the garage, don’t earn much, unable to pay the cost of 80 thousand yuan. The hospital had to agree to suspend execution. The picture shows Luo Xiaojun signed the execution of the book of Guo Ping. Guo Ping explained: fear of getting out of money, so the child has been placed in the hospital." Luo Xiaojun and his wife came to the Fuwai Hospital, Guo Ping pick up the child. Parents to the ward, we asked the boy, "who is this," the boy blurted out: "aunt." Guo Ping picked up the child. The boy said goodbye to the nurse who had taken care of him.相关的主题文章:

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