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The Airbus A350XWB tester will participate in the Zhuhai airshow debut Chinese – Sohu Military Channel text with map: A350-MSN2-003. Today, Airbus announced in Beijing, the world’s new generation of long-range wide body aircraft Airbus A350XWB from October 29th to November 8th to China for a 11 day visit. Visit the production sequence number A350-900 Airbus MSN2 tester, will participate in the Zhuhai airshow to static display and flight performance, and visit Haikou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and the five largest city in Chengdu, this is the first visit to the Airbus A350 aircraft test Chinese. Airbus currently has a total of five A350 test aircraft, the MSN2 test aircraft in China is one of the two aircraft with a complete cabin interior of the first one, for all tests related to the cabin system. The cabin has a total of 252 seats, of which business class of 42, economy class, block 210. A350 has the industry’s highest utilization rate of 53% of the composite material, for this reason, the test machine also uses a special coating of carbon fiber material structure. During the visit, A350 all flight missions will be carried out by the Airbus flight test team. As of now, A350 received a total of 30 orders in the domestic China, which China Eastern Airlines in April 2016 signed a purchase agreement with Airbus, ordered 20 A350-900 aircraft; previously, Chinese International Airlines ordered 10 A350-900 aircraft, the first aircraft will be delivered in the second half of 2017. In addition, Sichuan airlines announced in September this year to lease the introduction of 4 A350-900 aircraft, for the implementation of its long-range North American routes. A350 unmatched performance and ride comfort will bring a strong competitive advantage for Chinese airlines to attract more passengers to enhance their operational performance in international routes. China air transport is one of the fastest growing countries, Airbus currently occupies 100 seats in the domestic China more than half of the market service aircraft fleet. China’s aviation industry also plays a very important role in the research and development of A350. Airbus and China Aviation Industry Corp joint venture Airbus (Beijing) Engineering Technology Center, participated in the A350 project, including the detailed design of important components, including research and development. The work is in 5% body manufacturing A350 Chinese, Airbus and AVIC joint venture Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Center for most of that work. A350 is the embodiment of Airbus and the aviation industry China strategic cooperation, the world’s most advanced aircraft not only embodies the "China manufacturing", but also reflects the "China made". A350XWB aircraft with the most modern aerodynamic design, the fuselage and wings are mainly made of carbon fiber composite materials, new high in Royce Trent Rawls production of XWB engine. These advanced technology makes the A350XWB has unparalleled operational efficiency, its fuel consumption reduced by 25%, emissions reduced by 25%, maintenance costs have dropped significantly. For the passengers to come.相关的主题文章:

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