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Taiwan media: the aftermath of the Taiwan authorities burned car exposed indifferent – Taiwan channel — people.com.cn Xinhua Taipei in September 11,   (reporter Liu Gang, Xu Xueyi) Taiwan prosecutors announced on the 10 tour, a serious car accident investigation results. The major media on the island were highly concerned, in addition to detailed reports after investigation, also pointed out that the incident itself a serious impact on the island’s tourism industry. Public opinion, the Taiwan authorities in the event of the various acts, let people see their indifference and alienation from the mainland. 11, the United Daily News published a review article directed at the Taiwan authorities in the aftermath of the accident failed. The article points out that the accident burned out of Taiwan tourism is not safe, also exposed the authorities on the mainland tour major accidents are not indifferent, at least concern for the victims. From the policy reform, investigation of the case to the basic humanitarian respect, failing as not only the families of the victims to accept, that is one reason to allow mainland tourists return difficult. "Wang Bao" review article pointed out, "the driver of arson again hit cross-strait mutual trust, in" the freezing point of cross-strait relations ", how to rebuild cross-strait mutual trust, is a long way to go. For Taiwan, this should be compassionate empathy, comfort the families of the victims, as far as possible to eliminate the influence of the matter. Some media also interviewed some of the families of the victims of sexual assault suspects, but also opened the tour passengers questioned. There are families in accepting the "United Daily News" interview, said that this is a vulnerability management system, lack of supervision caused by man-made disasters, the relevant departments to taiwan. Family members said that the responsibility to the driver of a person, the Taiwan authorities too irresponsible. The number of families, the family, the Taiwan leader said to care, how to care? (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章:

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