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Taipei world Universiade Promo burst was copying Japanese MV batch face lost to overseas – Beijing Chinese Taiwan network September 26th news according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, 2017 world Universiade mascot "bears like Bravo in Taiwan PK mascot match, Taipei city view transmission Bureau 23, a Go Go Bravo to Taiwan have you bear like promotional video, but by netizens questioned plagiarism Order Japanese group World MV, from the dance movements, as well as the film style characters are similar, and even copy texture rotten", Taipei blue green members criticized the fundamental shame to go abroad. Currently the film has been under the shelf. According to reports, in the "Go Go Bravo Taiwan has you bear like propaganda film, like wearing a suit and bear" dance group "in the north gate, Dadaocheng wharf, Freedom Plaza, Taipei subway and other famous attractions, the other collocation dance and music. Sharp eyed Netizens found that the nearly two minute promotional video, and the Japanese group World Order works very high similarity. Some people leave a message in the film, Taipei also held the world design capital, is to see the world in Taiwan plagiarism? Some people say, even if the songs are copied, ugly, texture and poor, even the students pay the homework will be called professor. In the face of condemning, Taipei city comprehensive marketing communication bureau chief Hong Meiyun said, has been the first to film the next frame, for attention or discussion is not caused by the audit week, feel very sorry. The world Universiade spokesman Yang Jingtang said, the movie is outsourcing production, choreography, creative thinking and songs are the creative team concept, cost about 90 thousand yuan (NT, the same below). As to whether there are any legal issues, there will be a meeting today. However, it is understood that the manufacturers each modified film, will follow the document submitted to the way will be finished by the concept of transmission Bureau, Inspection Bureau, the outgoing officials blame plagiarism. According to reports, the world Universiade mascot publicity film explosion plagiarism controversy, is not the first time. At the beginning of August this year, the Commission launched the "warm hand style two minutes to bring you to the world Universiade" film is considered similar to the network Reds Ahmad Valley "of the works, and then came to" 250 thousand "to shoot himself, do not respect the professional aipi. The world Universiade held for the first time in Taiwan as the highest standard of international competitions, marketing has frequently out of the package, Taipei blue green members criticized the fundamental shame to go abroad. The KMT members Wang Zhibing said, Ke Wenzhe often scold other people to do their own ignorance and incompetence, the Universiade has repeatedly propaganda package, is simply a joke. Jian Shupei criticized the DPP members, the world Universiade is so important, but because the technology had been "wrong" (MESS), only let you notice plagiarism, completely negative publicity. (Lining)相关的主题文章:

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