Suspected boyfriend will not take pictures Push the camera to him! yo te amo

Suspected boyfriend will not take pictures? Push the camera to him! Original title: suspected boyfriend will not take pictures? Push the camera to him! ") lead: now more and more game player photography equipment, greatly facilitated the photography not boyfriend clumsy, come and take a look at these photographic artifact! (source: the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! The width of Lomo to frame my Polaroid, sweet and Ta! Such as the title, right, after all, we face big. From the Lomography LOMO Chinese Polaroid, let the surprise, a vertical touch memory! Wide format Polaroid lens kit official standard includes: 1 a 2 camera lens cover special remote control a 3 flash filter a set of 4 special close-up shot of a 5 shot is a special 6 special ultra wide-angle lens viewfinder and a wide format version of segmentation LOMO Polaroid, use Fujifilm Instax Wide Fuji Instax Mini photo paper, is two times as large, let the photos show more pictures. Lens cover in addition to the protection of the 90mm lens, but also hidden remote shutter, self timer, group photo, unlimited long exposure, remote lens cover, easy to get. Hidden in the lens cover remote shutter, you can also replace the lens to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios. Wide angle lens, travel artifact LOMO Polaroid camera wide version of black white + black heaven + white heaven lens kit lens kit price: 1580 yuan a second forced mobile phone camera, you play it! Vitgear thin transparent mobile phone protective cover on the Bitplay professional camera phone shell, allowing you to change the phone seconds camera! The hardcover edition has a wooden handle unique detachable grip design, go use collocation more comfortable grip, shooting handheld, more stable. Applicable models: iPhone6 6S mobile phone shell specifically designed entity shutter, a click that shoot, feel better. The increased tripod hole, mobile phone connected three tripod, so easy! Note: the standard version without lens collocation for sale, professional edition, hardcover edition collocation wide-angle + macro lens sold together. Bitplay professional camera mobile phone shell black white professional edition standard edition, hardcover edition price: 298 yuan Peak Design photography satchel without a good camera, how worthy of your love? Focus on making photography enthusiasts convenient travel Peak Design launched this "daily courier package" not only can photography, commuting bag appearance, and strong internal quality. The use of special materials, ultra lightweight, durable and durable, waterproof anti fading e相关的主题文章:

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