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Smart camera manufacturers cheered, will not only leave a feather? Sohu, science and technology in recent years, intelligent Home Furnishing spawned a large number of enterprises to leap into this market, the slow development of the traditional business owners can not stand the temptation of the Internet to get rich quick, have water, moving to the Internet market, can achieve the purpose of "upgrade", and invasion of Internet Co sniper. According to the Zhongguancun online "network camera surveillance cameras" showed that the number of products up to 491 models, the price ranging from 99 yuan to 21 thousand, in recent years, new products, mostly in less than 700 yuan, the higher price is Samsung, SONY, Matsushita and other products. Smart camera home in the process, a large number of domestic manufacturers will be the price to the majority of domestic users can accept the stage, which is a good thing. But as more and more users become smart camera users, security, storage and other issues has become increasingly serious and frequent media reports home user privacy is compromised, which caused the user of the camera products in a certain degree of fear. In addition, it is the content storage, free cloud storage time earlier manufacturers commitment expires, users still need to spend some money to buy a storage space, free internet strategy black manufacturers the most incisive. In addition, with the increasing of the smart camera manufacturers, the competition between manufacturers has become more and more ruthless, some manufacturers have already quit, manufacturers have problems because the parent company began to transition, there are still struggling to. According to the national health and Family Planning Commission in 2014 issued the "Chinese family development report" shows that China has 430 million households, according to the concept of smart cameras, potential users of these belong to it, but in fact? So far, there is no smart camera manufacturers dare to publish their own sales, if really strong enough, it will certainly use sales data to educate users. More than three years of time, not to see how much progress, but the dark side has frequently appeared, although the smart camera caught the intelligent Home Furnishing outlet, but the future is likely to just leave a feather. The I and suddenly disappear despite many people expressed dissatisfaction on Baidu, but Baidu’s vision is still commendable, Baidu is already aimed at the smart camera market, Baidu I in December 2013 and started on the line, and the line of the Baidu I and also very advanced and combined with the Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia entry user you can see the live broadcast by Baidu and I content, this is the very first phase intelligent camera products combined with live play. Sadly, when the entire smart camera market is not up, so although Baidu I and famous in the industry, but sales is not satisfactory. Until September 2014, Baidu announced I and cloud service charges will be recorded, this completely angered users. In 2015 August, Baidu announced the launch of cloud services to buy Baidu cloud recording, you can receive a free hardware, until the day before the page is displayed, activity has ended. About.相关的主题文章:

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