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Tracking survey of Shanghai "in September the purchase of credit deal rumors: three rumors spawned hundreds of versions — Society — according to Xinhua news agency, several real estate intermediary personnel as well as an owner, for improve performance, sell housing and other malicious psychological, fabricate and spread in Shanghai since September to implement the purchase of credit deal" rumors, actually set off a "storm" in Shanghai real estate transactions, and even cause the so-called "divorce purchase" social concern. There are three main rumors version, according to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps deputy chief Wei Rongmin introduction, the police in August 29th involved in the investigation. At that time, the Internet and social media have retained more than 2 thousand versions of the "Shanghai September new home" rumors. Wei Rongmin said: We used a large number of police and large data analysis system, combing the vast amounts of information, and finally clear the spread of the three rumors version of the situation." Version a: Shanghai will adjust the bank loan policy introduced Shanghai Pudong Public Security Bureau investigators, August 22nd 11 pm, sales manager of Shanghai Jinfeng enjoysmart Real Estate Consultants Ltd. Shen Moumou (female, 34 years old) and the sales team has been with 145 customers signed sales contracts, many customers have to pay a deposit. However, due to the presence of wait-and-see mood, some customers did not apply for loans and other services. To complete the sales task, Shen Moumou said: "rumors have received notice, due to the recent land auction price is too high, the municipal Party committee plans to adjust the bank loan policy in September, did not do without trial after the loan contract as soon as possible please press, the credit policy tightening is big." Shen Moumou employees in the company’s WeChat Communications Group released 3 times in a row, and asked its staff of the sales staff to inform their customers, to speed up the progress of the contract 18. The rumor was spread to the well-known forum in Shanghai fence network caused widespread concern. After a few days, the 145 contract customers are mostly completed within a few days of the loan business. Version two: the implementation of housing and credit recognition of the purchase of the policy in August 24th, "I love my family" manager of real estate brokerage company district Zhao (male, 27 years old) in order to improve the real estate sales, real estate sales at Yangpu park stores Zhang Moumou (male, 25 years old) deliberately fabricated rumors: "received an urgent notice: headquarters notice, since September 1st the implementation of the new Shanghai restriction policy. Housing and credit recognition, where there are Chinese loan records first fangshoufu will be increased to 50%, two suites will be increased to 70%, regardless of local field, regardless of commercial housing, whether or not to pay off the loan to pay off, as long as there are even China loan records. To sign the time, before September 1st to buy a house is not affected by the policy." Zhang, together with Yangpu Park store manager Yu Moumou (male, 27 years old) spread rumors. August 25th, the Pacific Housing agency employees Cai Moumou (male, 28 years old) through the circle of friends in the industry to learn the contents of the above rumors, forwarded on the network. Version three: September after the divorce within a year to limit the purchase of August 24th, a Shanghai IT company clerk Ni Moumou (male, 42 years old) in order to be able to smooth their property high)相关的主题文章:

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