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Pu Jinhui: the third national conversation or issues to Congress – the Sohu news according to Yonhap news agency, local time 29 days at 2:30 in the afternoon, South Korean President Park Geun hye published "cronies" incident after third times on the national conversation. According to reports, Pu Jinhui said in his speech, I did not manage the people around, resulting in a number of errors. The process of the event will be explained to you as soon as possible." Pu Jinhui said, before taking into account the various difficulties at home and abroad, in order to the country and the people, what is the correct choice, every night and sleep. Pu Jinhui pointed out that the problems related to the Congress and the presidency of the ruling and opposition parties will abide by the relevant regulations, decided to resign as president, put down everything. Pu Jinhui expressed the hope that South Korea as soon as possible to get rid of the chaos, on the right track. And sincerely apologize to the people again. I hope the two parties can work together as soon as possible, to solve the current situation, previously, in the "close door" incident after exposure, Pu Jinhui respectively in October 25th and November 4th two speech, apologized to the public. Chong Wa Dae in October 25th published on the national conversation, park Geun hye became president after the election and that was part of the information asked Cui Shunshi cronies opinions, on the matter and apologize to all the citizens. The morning of November 4th, Pu Jinhui held a press conference in Chong Wa Dae, he made the second intervention events close to the national speech, said the group is willing to accept the investigation of the special prosecutor. Yonhap said, according to the constitution of criminal prosecution enjoy special exemption from the president accepted the prosecution’s investigation into the history of the Korean Constitutional position, only 68 years.相关的主题文章:

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