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Popular tour: 5 neglected tour he found the degreeses [Sina games exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint] "popular tour" on Monday and we meet again. Every week a new weather, recently, what are listed? Today brings building simulation class "building management" for everyone, there are colorful platform jumping game hero "and" plane, small fresh style shooting game version of "DOGOS", each one is after dinner tea works, not to be missed! 1, "building manager (Project Highrise)" "building management" release date: 2016.9.8 game SomaSim game released: Kasedo Games store page: "building manager (Project Highrise)" "building management (Project Highrise)" is SomaSim making, business simulation game Kasedo Games issue, game style and gameplay and GBA "SP" simulation building works similar to modern skyscraper will serve as the game player manager in the construction of buildings, building safety management, distribution types of tenants, through to meet the needs of the population to test your management skills. 2, "Yu Jin" (Ember) "Yu Jin" release date: 2016.9.9 game: N-Fusion Interactive  game publisher: 505 Games store page: "Yu Jin (Ember  )"; "Yu Jin" is more like a similar "eternal" and "original sin" column also like traditional RPG, as a small RPG the low price, "Yu Jin" is a remarkable story in the picture, and system settings. If you’re tired of making a big job, try this little fresh RPG. 3, "hero" (Flat Heroes) plane plane "hero" release date: 2016.9.9 game: Parallel Circles  Parallel Circles  game publisher: store page: "plane (Flat Heroes)" the hero is a full color platform jumping game. You have only two buttons, jumps and shields, but can extend a lot of Trick and based on the basic operation on the platform. The elegant operation of the game so that the game experience has become very comfortable, excellent visual performance to enlarge the charm of the game itself. But because the core property of game, the requirements of local online game player technology increased a lot. Pass through mode is very interesting, the last two mark without difficulty. 4, "Emerald: Commander (Halcyon 6:Starbase Commander)" Emerald "release date: 2016.9.9 game production: Massiv.相关的主题文章:

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