Parents’ class 9 mistaken ideas of family education ssport

The parent class: Chinese parents 9 Wangzichenglong wrong concept of family education in Chinese type parents, children is not the climax of the derivatives, point light is on, in accordance with the scientific configuration steps down everything in good order and well arranged, he’s parents failed to complete the dream of the sequel. I can not fly, the next egg, so that the eggs grow up to complete their dream of flying. Can not lose at the starting line for many parents eager to become useful, anxious to start from the fertilized eggs of education, the reason is not to lose at the starting line, anxious to put six hundred poems of the Tang Dynasty was born second days backwards, various interest classes at Xueben, each one is the combination of Song Zuying, Chen Danqing, Liu Xiang, Lang Lang’s body to show your success in education. Don’t go fully into account the nature of children playing, rote learning, a command style education, behind the non intelligence factor to the child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, perseverance and innovation ability to cast. I am also strange, the Chinese style examination title is also abnormal double, not to remember the year in which Gen Gi Khan was born in the year of death, what eggs? Even more ridiculous is that I met a problem personally, you find the love you most a word crossed only to have a standard answer only. This is not a teacher like a word? The questions in the training of the child how abnormal undoubtedly guess people thought skills. With Xin Ru struggling to gauge the meat China parents must take their own life and tragic humiliation again appeared preaching, all children’s learning way from school children began calling to accompany the child to grow, but in reality is to complete a self lost parabola by monitoring and positioning function of GPS. Lose their living space, just advertised as China’s good parents. The next type of Wang he has a good name: also dared. How to use the next door to the children how to fight your life, a little negligence is: you see people next door Wang? A little behind the point: you see people next door Wang? There will always be a high bar next door Wang block in front of you, confident in the Chinese children are very difficult to exist for a long time, or self-confidence to self-esteem, or self-esteem to lose yourself. What is a blessing, and so on. Silence is golden to teach children to learn to endure, retreat, everyone is worldly-wise and play safe, smart people, so there will be three Japanese soldiers in Nanjing massacre could kill 3000 people in the theatre of the absurd, Yunnan several knife wielding criminals can kill off dozens of passers miracle. Because everyone is smart, are in disadvantage is a blessing, but life creed, so wait a erlengzi appears to turn the tide, the world is not afraid of bad guys more arrogant, but the good is silent. In the worship of money into a type of the rich China parents, it is The imprint is engraved on my heart.: I was guilty but don’t want to let the children be. So came to eat a ready-cooked meal, good material reward, our pet phrase is you give mom admitted how many points, I will give you what promises. You give? Learning is to learn the concept of parents. Talk about power and interest?! When the pursuit of the concept of life into things.相关的主题文章:

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