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Thailand’s prime minister Pakistan met Li Yuanchao – Beijing, Xinhua news agency in Bangkok on 9 October, (reporter Yang Zhou Li Ying) Prime Minister of Thailand prayudh 9 in Bangkok to attend the meeting of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue second meeting of the leaders of the vice president Li Yuanchao. Li Yuanchao said, China and Thailand are important developing countries in Asia, are faced with the important task of developing the economy and improving people’s livelihood. I hope both sides will maintain high-level exchanges, enhance political mutual trust, strengthen strategic communication, involved in each other’s major interests always support and help each other, contribute to maintaining peace, security and stability of the two countries and regions; strengthen the development of strategic docking, deepen economic and trade, investment and other areas of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project of railway cooperation to promote the field of humanities; and local exchanges and cooperation between, let the Sino Thai friendship from generation to generation; to strengthen coordination and cooperation in the multilateral framework, safeguard the common interests of both. Li Yuanchao said that the Asia Cooperation Dialogue is a consensus of Asian countries, has played a positive role in promoting cooperation, has become an important platform for Pan Asian cooperation. China always attaches great importance to the process of dialogue and cooperation in Asia cooperation mechanism, welcomed the members to play a greater role in "The Belt and Road construction. Prayudh thank Li Yuanchao attended the second meeting of the leaders of Asia Cooperation Dialogue, dialogue to expect China to promote cooperation in Asia in the interconnection and other fields play an important role, that is willing to work with China two docking development plan, promote cooperation in tourism, agriculture, culture and other aspects, to promote the railway project to start as soon as possible, to support the implementation of China "along road initiative. The same day, Li Yuanchao also met with the Thailand Legislative Council Chairman Pengbei.相关的主题文章:

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