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Ore coke, power coal trend is still inevitable callback We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! The black line in the last weeks of this week, a trend which cannot be halted, although experienced by baptism, still break the bottleneck of their application in different or hit their high potential for such a simple complex. In his achievement this week’s title. The fine view, is a simple potential recently straight state the complex is seemingly disorderly, in fact, the nodes are in turmoil the rules was played, miscellaneous line is truly the most traders are after the clutter and get restless heart. Jane for four words a potential complex language can let each traders hope to realize some truth. Thread 1701 main contract this week in a 9 point deduction, under the shadow of 50 point 108 point 167 point amplitude solid week candle, close to 2488 over the previous week rose 103 points, or 4.14%. volume moderate amplification, 220 thousand hand positions by more than 1705; the contract indeed increased by nearly 70 thousand hands quietly, with the New Year approaching shift positions at the edge of the main.1701 closing action just stop at the big triangle week; its compatriots has hit a new high for the year 1701 coil. Daily: this week, every day more than 70 points in the volatility actually to the market has injected vitality and infinite tension, let the planned traders can comfortable travel; but also a test of firm confidence. Long positions transform boring numbers here seem more vivid permeated with hearts wisdom. On Monday morning we undertake the opening prior to the study, the first time to seek support down move (breakthrough, triangle vertex divided very accord with the technical rules), in the first 2430-2435 plan to participate in training students for a time more than a single approach, three daily at the end of the entry rules let us inside the impact of no fear, when the speed of the formation of sharp bottom increases our understanding of the long held beliefs, let the students hesitate comprehensive right in front of 2443-2450 symmetric at the life time, half-time main station time average 2455, time to sell down the impact time and lighten the variables through the concerned as if at the end of the 2469 noon announcement whipsaws, closing just came to the time of the neckline, circle the main trend so ingenuity permeated with trading rules — step by step The camp, the slightest solution, test positions will more than one afternoon. Instant attack and subsequent 2475 Masukura up daily gap trend, should be reasonable in the matter, we predict the closing 2491 stand above 2485, a few students have been hesitant to finally shot, of course, if only the breakthrough. This point is a good point. (30 minutes and 2526 position 2503 to extend the line 2485 of the time), the fact that this technology can be a powerful position to make breakthrough.2 a long line length star finished up in the hands of the same dish, Masukura million K also provides a guarantee on line. Tuesday opening moment of the jump相关的主题文章:

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