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Nine – meet the good in life – tourism Sohu hazy nine copies, nine copies of nine copies of the blowing rain, wind, and city streets, nine people riding complex! Nine, an interesting name, not even a place name. According to "Taipei county" records, in the early Qing Dynasty, here is a small village, lived only 9 households, whenever I go out to the market when shopping is everything to "Nine", later became the nine names of the village, still in use. Taipei nine, Xiaoxian stayed there a masterpiece "city of sadness", Hayao Miyazaki’s "spirited away" is nine copies for the prototype, nine copies of the "coffee shop" is a song by Cheer Chen, that she was 19 years old at home playing guitar record of the song, clear clear a mess. Nine have the mountain barrier and the vast sea, in addition to the leading mountain scenery, spring summer autumn winter weather day and night scenery for their twilight. Any sea area in the courtyard balcony, windows, etc., can enjoy the different seasons and different periods of natural landscape, lush peaked "Jilongshan" and open the blue bay beach. "Cherry blossoms, Xia Qingfeng, autumn flowers, winter mist" is the best portrayal of the nine beautiful and varied seasons. Spring outing, Tai Yang company Juifang office and the front courtyard of Fukuyama Miya mine, several Sakura head-on Zhanzi plexus. The summer mountain breeze, blowing on the mountain, the night temperature effect is caused by sea breeze blowing, the entire heat dissipation. When autumn flowers awn heading, with the northeast monsoon winds, waves such as wave like Baimang mountains in romantic swaying, 102 County song de Park Pavilion, stop above the large pole forest, and to the Sungai Jilongshan, leisurely poetic feeling. The winter rains fell, the rain was a cascade of steps of artesian water, the cold mist shrouded, add a dash of another deserted, partly hidden and partly visible face nine bleak. The day without mist, a clear blue sea, overlooking the layers of waves; at night, the sea fishing spot, but also as a mountain in the silence of the night. Such as sit and watch the sunrise sunset sky, clouds, viewing the moon…… All, touching, unforgettable. This article is edited by the seven continents, part of the text and pictures from the network. More Taiwan tourism information, welcome to click:相关的主题文章:

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