National Day is approaching, Mountaineering Association prompts mountaineering outdoor activities mu bleep

That day is approaching the Mountaineering Association of mountaineering outdoor activity must be Caution! National Day holiday approaching, the number of participating in outdoor sports will increase significantly, mountaineering safety issues should pay attention to. Therefore, China Mountaineering Association 28, the mountaineering outdoor enthusiasts issued a reminder: to enjoy the nature, challenge themselves and must be fully prepared to avoid the occurrence of mountaineering safety accidents. A climb of the Tibet autonomous region, more than 5000 meters above sea level and the independent peaks of other provinces, more than 3500 meters above sea level, to the declaration and approval in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the "measures" in the management of domestic mountaineering, choose a qualified team, master relevant knowledge and technology, to prepare enough before, respect the laws of nature, step by step, what. Two, to participate in fitness walking, hiking and other outdoor sports, to comply with the relevant regulations of the local mountaineering outdoor sports, outdoor sports and mountaineering to address the difference between ordinary tourism, from multiple aspects to the environment, and along the required equipment and personnel of their own conditions fully prepared. Before departure, the purchase of individual mountaineering accident insurance, fill in the information table of outdoor travel itinerary and emergency, will return to inform the emergency contact person, comply with the company principle, choose a qualified team. Third, in outdoor danger, do not panic, as far as possible to objectively judge the current situation, the observation itself and the surrounding environment, looking for possible solutions, scientific help and self-help. Four, in the outdoor environment, to travel and camping at tolerable ground, waste, and maintain the natural appearance, respect for wild animal life, consider other outdoor activities, respect local customs and practices.

国庆将至 登山协会提示登山户外活动务必注意安全国庆长假即将来临,登山户外运动的参与人数将显著增加,登山户外运动安全问题应引起高度重视。为此,中国登山协会28日向广大登山户外爱好者发出提醒:在享受自然、挑战自我的同时务必做好充分准备,避免登山户外运动安全事故的发生。一、攀登西藏自治区海拔5000米以上和其他省区市海拔3500米以上的独立山峰,要严格按照《国内登山管理办法》中的相关规定进行申报和审批,选择具有资质的团队,掌握相应的知识和技术,做好充足的行前准备,尊重自然规律,循序渐进、量力而行。二、参与徒步、健身登山等户外运动时,要遵守各地方有关登山户外运动的法规,要正视登山户外运动与普通旅游的区别,要从目的地及沿途环境、所需装备和人员自身条件等多个方面做好充分准备。出发前,购买个人登山意外保险,认真填写户外出行紧急情况信息表,将行程与归期告知紧急联络人,遵守结伴同行原则,选择具有资质的团队。三、在户外遭遇危险时,不要惊慌,要尽可能客观全面地判断当前情况,观察自身和周围环境,寻找可能的解决办法,科学地求救与自救。四、在户外环境中,要在可耐受地面行进和露营,妥善处理垃圾,保持自然原貌,尊重野生动物的习性,考虑其他野外活动者,尊重当地民风民俗。相关的主题文章:

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