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NASA a "space toilet" good ideas   winner won a $30 thousand bonus — Guangxi channel — original title: NASA a "space toilet" won the $30 thousand prize winner good ideas according to foreign media reports, imagine you in a space suit to fly in space, the sudden stomach started rumbling, urgent easy to look, then how to do it? NASA launched a " toilet challenge " hopes to develop a system that can collect human feces in a space suit. The international space station is starting to fly long distances – in bad circumstances, diapers have been used up, astronauts need as many as 144 hours to return to the ground to find a place to go to the toilet. NASA doesn’t want to continue this situation, they want to launch a " toilet challenge ". The specific requirement is to develop a system that can collect human feces in space suits – otherwise, in the weight loss case, these droppings will fly around. Usually, the astronauts can take off their spacesuit again, and the droppings will stay in the spacesuit for ten hours. But in an emergency, it could last for 6 days, that is, 144 hours. So, this " the built-in toilet " must be big enough to keep the Excreta for nearly a week. NASA has called on people to participate in the challenge, which will end in December 20th, and the winner will receive a $30 thousand prize. At the Forum on the challenge, some people have been exchanging ideas. One woman suggested using a vacuum cleaner: " why don’t we design a pair of pants that are connected by a tube and a steam cleaner to fit the size of the body? The vacuum cleaner should contain a reservoir like device. Steam helps to keep the feces from sticking to the tube. " another forum user suggests using small black holes to deal with excreta. Another man asked, " male physiological function " whether it would be taken into consideration; he meant, " gender space suit " obsolete. At least, there’s a toilet in the international space station, but it’s also in " everything is flying around " weightlessness. So, how does everything work? – funnel and suck. (Xu Jinwen, commissioning editor Chen Lulu) NASA悬赏“太空如厕”好点子 赢家获3万美元奖金–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:NASA悬赏“太空如厕”好点子 赢家获3万美元奖金 据外媒报道,设想一下,你穿着太空服在宇宙中飞行,突然肚子开始咕咕作响,急需方便一下,这时该怎么办呢?美国航空航天局发起一个"厕所挑战赛",希望能开发一个宇航服内可以收集人类粪便的系统。 国际空间站渐渐开始长途飞行――在糟糕的情况下,尿布已用完,宇航员需要多达144个小时,才能返回地面找到如厕的地方。 美国航空航天局不想继续这种局面,他们想发起一个"厕所挑战赛"。具体要求是开发一个宇航服内能够收集人类粪便的系统――否则在失重情况下,这些粪便会到处乱飞。 通常,到宇航员能够再次脱下他们的宇航服,粪便会在宇航服内待上十个小时。但是在紧急情况下,这一切也可能会持续6天之久,也就是144个小时。所以,这个"内置的厕所"必须足够大,以保存将近一周的排泄物。 据报道,美国航空航天局呼吁人们参与这个将于12月20日截止的挑战赛,赢家将获得3万美元奖金。 在关于该挑战的论坛上,已经有一些人在交换彼此的点子。一位女士建议使用一种类似吸尘器的方式:"我们为什么不设计一种裤子,它通过一个管子和一个蒸汽吸尘器连在一起,适合人体大小?吸尘器应该包含一种类似蓄水池的装置。蒸汽可有助于不使粪便粘到管子上。" 另外一位论坛用户建议,利用小的黑洞,来处理排泄物。还有一个人问,"男性生理功能"是否会被考虑到,他的意思是,"不分性别的宇航服"已经过时。 至少,在国际空间站里面有一个厕所,但是这里也处于"一切都在到处乱飞"的失重状态。那么,一切都是怎么运作的呢――依靠漏斗和吸。 (责编:许荩文、陈露露)相关的主题文章:

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