Moto Z evaluation in addition to the module to say a lot

Moto Z evaluation: in addition to the module to say a lot of Google in 2014 put forward a bold project – modular mobile phones, and in the same year held a conference of researchers. Since then, on the modular phone topic heat continues unabated, the world would like to look at the concept of a modular phone in the end is what? But it is greatly disappointed is that the Google project has been suspended in the implementation of this year, the idea of modular mobile phone cradle was strangled. When Google module phone temporarily for a period of time, Moto LG module phone savior. LG and Moto launched a modular phone is not the same as the previous definition of Google modular. Google is the idea that consumers are free to choose or replace or remove any of the components, including the processor, screen, keyboard and other mobile phone based hardware. The introduction of LG and Moto modular concept is based on the formation of mobile phones to add additional modules to run. In simple terms, Google’s module is the foundation of the item and Moto is a plus items, boils down to itself, Moto Z is still a mobile phone. Moto Z Super uses 5.5 inches AMOLED screen, equipped with a 4GB snapdragon 820 processor, running memory +64GB storage space, support 2TB memory card expansion. The camera is made of a 13 million pixel camera and 5 million pixel front camera, the main camera support of laser focus and OIS optical image stabilization, and joined the front lights and beauty and other functions. As the saying goes that the horse with a good saddle, although the main module as Moto Z, but in fact, in addition to it, there are many to say. Put aside the appearance of the module must be considered for most users, Moto Razr V3 will not be unfamiliar. Once the V3 is characterized by metal thin, hot was no less than the current iPhone 7 panic buying. So that after a long period of time in other Moto phones have seen the shadow of V3. Today, Moto again to V3 as an example, in the era of intelligent machines anonymous, again launched a mobile phone slim metal with a high degree of recognition. Moto Z appearance Moto Z body thickness of only 5.2mm, officially called the world’s thinnest, the weight is only 136g was lighter than the same size of mobile phone, but due to the screen size, it is difficult to get a hand, when two hand grip Moto Z makes you feel very light, with rose colored metal scrub box, you are holding a can let you secrete dopamine rose chocolate. Moto Z appearance of the fuselage, front camera self timer flash receiver and a parallel swing, and in the middle of the receiver acts as a speaker, which is the only body speaker. So, when the mobile phone in my pocket is easy not to hear the phone ring. Moto Z at the bottom of the bottom of the fingerprint identification fingerprint module can not be pressed into the bottom of the Moto logo, in addition to fingerprint unlock and mobile payments, there is no function can not even be used as a Home key. Mo)相关的主题文章:

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