Man robbed the driver was killed by taking away 260 yuan melia kreiling

The man robbed the driver was against the killing took 260 yuan original title: the knife against the man to kill the driver was robbed 260 yuan of Chinese daily news (reporter Yang Huyuan) Chen man because he had no money, lied to the victim Zhang vehicle ride Fugu Dachang town of Khan, a running way of holding a dagger against robbery by Zhang then, with a tie Zhang strangled, and stole 260 yuan in cash to its carry. In November 4th, Shenmu county Public Security Bureau received Moumou police said, her husband Zhang in the afternoon of 2 car out of town, has not come back is also unable to contact, suspected accident, hope Shenmu county public security bureau of investigation. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately in accordance with the information provided by the families of vehicles to carry out the investigation, after a large number of Mopai, according to the car’s trajectory, and finally found a vehicle in the town of a fork in the road. The police investigation found the car technology after a small amount of blood, suspect Zhang was killed. Through a large number of data found that the victim on the day of the incident to drive the car appeared in the shop tower town, and saw a man had taken the car." Shenmu Public Security Bureau police said, the police Mopai around the man and found the man in the shop a tower in the town a taxi ride to entertain and go out, the police found the taxi driver, the driver that a man rode his car and told the police the man from Ningtiaota a hotel tower to store a hostel with the luggage, then returned to ningtiaota. The police task force rushed to Ningtiaota, carried out the investigation on the surrounding houses, and finally the man’s lodging records found, through the transfer of the hotel surveillance found that two men entered the men’s registration room, and found the man leaving the room, go to the next room greeting, so the police task force the next room accommodation man summoned for questioning, the man to admit that he knew the man next door, through the man’s statement, ultimately determine the identity of the suspect Chen (male, Han nationality, 28 years old, Shaanxi County, November 10th people), the police arrested the suspect in the staff quarters in a coal mine. After the interrogation, the suspect Chen explained, because no money to spend on their car came to Shenmu for robbery, he came out from the hotel the day of the incident, is looking for the goal, and he saw the victim Zhang accosted the car parked on the roadside, they lied to Fugu Dachang Khan, car driving to nobody, he took out a dagger threatened Zhang Zhang, the resistance finger was cut, then he tied with a tie against Zhang, in its process, with a tie after Zhang strangled driving down the slopes of the corpses no human habitation thrown down, Zhang 260 yuan cash on me away. Then the registration of the hotel to sleep for second days, afraid of things brought to light, the car to the roadside after leaving a Sun Jia cha. At present, the suspect has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is still under further investigation. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章:

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