Man car 22 vehicles cash collateral debts involving fraud jailed for 12 years luonv

Man car 22 vehicles cash collateral debts involving fraud jailed for 12 years, the original title: man car 22 vehicles cash collateral also gambling man Zhao usually gambling, owed a lot of money on the table and the lottery shop, and borrow usury, lead to the pinch. Hundreds of million yuan loan to Zhao also owed, began under the guise of car name, after the car mortgage money to others. In less than a year’s time, Zhao lied to 22 car mortgage realized, involving more than 400 yuan. Recently, Chaoyang Court to fraud and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, zhao. Sue: 22 car mortgage more than 400 according to the indictment, during the period from September 4, 2014 to January 2, 2015, the defendant Zhao name in car, in Haidian, Chaoyang, Changping and other places more than lessors signed "rental agreement", "agreement" paid to borrow a vehicle or through the network platform, car rental, 22 cases of crime, the the rent 22 car hand cash collateral, involving more than 400 yuan. Public prosecutor that Zhao disregard the law, in the process of signing the contract, to cheat the other party property, a huge amount, and for the purpose of illegal possession, cheat other people’s property, a huge amount, their behavior violated the "criminal law" relevant provisions of People’s Republic of China, should be the crime of contract fraud, fraud shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. Court, Zhao court prosecutor accused of the fact that there is no objection, but argued that their behavior should be recognized as a crime of fraud or crime of contract fraud, should not be regarded as two charges of crimes. In addition, Zhao also said that they have expose behavior, hope that the court can be given a lighter punishment. Confession: Gambling million rob Peter to pay Paul according to Zhao confessed, in 2010, playing cards, buy lottery tickets because he owed a lot of money, usury borrowed from around 1 million, and later to do business and lost about 1000000 yuan. 2014 in September, Zhao’s mobile phone received a PP car rental company’s advertising messages, which makes the money he thought of the way to make money. "I think from the platform to rent a car, rent a car after the car mortgaged to friends, money can also usury, working capital through this way to rob Peter to pay Paul." Zhao said. Zhao then began to plan to act in his own name, in Chaoyang District, Asian Sports Village Bao car rental company rented 3 cars, a BMW, a Audi Q3, as well as a Audi A6. He BMW and Audi A6 to 400 thousand yuan to the price of the mortgage to Mr. Wu, the Audi Q3 to the price of $150 thousand mortgage to the valley. Three car mortgage period of one month, after maturity, Zhao Moudou no ability to redeem. Last January 6th, Bao driving companies to find Zhao asked about the situation, he was unable to return the car, he ran away, but a few days later, Zhao was arrested by the police. Zhao explained that, in addition to the above 3 cars, it may also rent nearly 20 cars for mortgage profits. Zhao not only use their own personal information to rent a car, but also the use of the surrounding friends and former girlfriend’s identity, and even his father’s identity information has been used to 2相关的主题文章:

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