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Liu Changle: "information overload" era need to adhere to professionalism in the afternoon of December 16, 2015, the Second World Conference of the Internet "on both sides of the Strait of Hongkong and the Macao Internet Development Forum held in Wuzhen. Phoenix Satellite TV, the chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer Liu Changle at the forum "" information overload "adhere to the" professionalism era needs, the following is the full text: distinguished guests, continue to impact the 2015 Cross Strait and Hong Kong and Macao to traditional media continues to suffer the wave of the Internet in Hongkong, "Daily News", "news" in July publication after the Hongkong newspaper, experienced in 2015 to the most difficult week. According to the latest statistics of Taiwan, the island’s main source of news for college students with network, accounting for 73.4%, followed by television, newspapers only accounted for 20.4%, accounted for 1.5%, Taiwan media market is facing a reshuffle of such a very important moment. "Global media development report" 2015 report, through the investigation of the proportion of news sources in 12 countries surveyed for the discovery of China in mainland, traditional media television, newspapers, radio and other mobile Internet use behavior of the lowest proportion is as high as 51%, should see the impact of the Internet, but also promoted the development of the Internet media. Earlier this month I accepted the award in Singapore Asian Television Awards "outstanding contribution award", "Singapore United Morning Post" to "do the media to" bitter sigh "living death" as the title, express my interview. In fact, the theme of my expression is "to be in the media". Fast traditional media Internet at present, the transformation of traditional media curtain has been opened, I think the victory will belong to those who adhere to the brand in the media, reformers and innovators. The first is to adhere to the professionalism. In recent years, we see a lot of sheer fallacy news on the internet. In the network era, "overload" news is becoming a pan media carnival, in a person, all can do spread era, anyone can publish content, rampant fraud, a variety of information everywhere, ordinary users is difficult to determine the authenticity of the information. In this case, because the truth hidden in the mists of information, so the information overload era than any other time in a more traditional media to more profound and more authoritative, credible reports to guide public opinion. Of course, the media also adhere to adhere to the culture, ethics, responsibility, etc.. This media is the basis of professional journalism is stick. Another is the full media change. Phoenix TV earlier proposed a full media strategy, the new media operators have been more than and 10 years, the Phoenix Financial on-line a year to achieve the transaction amount of more than and 70 billion. Through practice, we realize that if the use of music to describe the media of all media, then the whole media should be like a harmonious resonance of the symphony, and definitely not a variety of instrumental solos together. The whole media is an integral part of the Internet can not be separated. Of course, Phoenix is still on the road, we are expanding our space. In the face of the impact of the media industry needs to actively explore the Internet industry to bring opportunities and broader areas of the media, we have recently seen a traditional television network platform built, a total of one hundred million households;相关的主题文章:

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