Lin Zexu did not object to opium smoking after Opium opium

After Lin Zexu has no objection to the opium smoking opium has been proposed [Abstract] the second Opium War, the import of opium was clearly legalized, the planting area of opium, from Guizhou and Sichuan and other places, quickly spread across the country. How to deal with the opium, was once a high-level political stand of the Qing state standard. Guanglu Si Qing Xu Naiji is obviously offbeat, he proposed, since the drug not ban, as people to grow opium to domestic drug against imported drugs. In 1838 Xu Naiji submitted to the emperor’s report, complained that the government across the board ban caused opium in China has "no one dare, Yi masue and Mitoji GUC, all foreign." If the mainland, many foreigners benefit less up to the unprofitable foreign arrivals from the MOU, but rather." In the Qing Dynasty officialdom has always been a moral solution to the real problem, though it is generally not resolved. Atypical Xu Naiji’s speech, has brought severe disciplinary for themselves, and in the end of next year. Paradoxically, in London, Carle · Marx has praised him as "one of the most famous politician China, and, of course they taunt smoking including the famous Lin Zexu. Marx said: "if the Chinese government to legalize the trade…… This means that the British Treasury suffered serious losses…… Britain’s opium trade will shrink to the size of ordinary trade and will soon become a losing proposition." Who would have thought that, after the Opium War, Lin Zexu is getting closer and closer to Xu’s thought. In 1847, when he was governor of Shaanxi Lin Zexu in a letter to his students, "the Department of Jiangxi Fuzhou Zhifu" the text of the letter, actually proposed: "we also take the opium poppy planting in the mainland as well. Are those who hate the mainland and not addicted to tobacco addicted to cigarettes, if the mainland fruit has a lotus (afyuni, opium), which is better than foreign traders to buy cheap food? No such as the smell, all rounded figure far, cannot make such as the beauty of Shaoxing taste, Huguang tablet of smoke, the mainland self circulation, such as a blood concentration, because of what? "Lin Zexu worry, but whether the consumer can accept domestic goods:" the fear of the smoke of the people may not be back to the inner ear! "Against Lin Zexu, not opium, but the import of opium. As a magistrate, bear the pressure of reality of economic development, the moral can only talk nonsense. After the Opium War, local governments under the acquiescence of the domestic opium cultivation, began to quickly and quietly. The local government is like opium, because can beyond 20 times the grain levy taxes, "added by state county rules, private income tax also several times in the Opium opium, Chang Fu" (Guo Songtao). The farmer is like opium, because "poppy flowers, mud boil smoke, the ten times of rice", "opium, several times in the agricultural. The ignorant, who does not abandon farming and profit?" ("organized by foreigners" Daoguang sixteen years of the September). "Poppy acres are out of farmland again several times, force reduction" (Guo Songtao). In contrast to the official heart, plus second, after the Opium War, the import of opium was clearly legalized, the planting area of opium, from Guizhou and Sichuan and other places, quickly spread across the country.)相关的主题文章:

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