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Light wind Taiwan released augmented reality product HiAR Glasses, mainly for the TO B market – Sohu of science and technology today, one year later, AR technology provider of light wind Taiwan released a new generation of augmented reality glasses HiAR Glasses, also launched into the Mative 3D engine SDK 2 architecture and development to open. Light wind Taiwan said at the press conference on Microsoft HoloLens Glasses to HiAR. AR HiAR Glasses HoloLens glasses according to what standard? With the generation of the product is different, the two generation of AR glasses with integrated design, is augmented reality glasses first equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor. The HiAR Glasses uses SONY OLED micro display, equipped with GPS Sony IMX258 Beidou, the camera uses a 13 million pixel camera, angle of view (FOV) is 30 to 39 degrees (similar to HoloLens), life time of 2 hours. The official said HiAR Glasses to Microsoft HoloLens standard. Light wind Taiwan think themselves in the precision of image recognition, mobile augmented reality has a lot of accumulation, also the use of the HoloLens is Windows 10 Holographic system, HiAR Glasses light wind using Android related systems, more user groups. Another advantage is the price, the official said HiAR Glasses price will be lower than HoloLens. Light wind Taiwan CEO Liao Chunyuan said last year, the first generation of products is more like a market test, to understand the needs of the market, after a lapse of a year to push the two generation of products, but also in a year in the market and try to find an opportunity. It is understood that this product is currently available for sale on the TO B market. Hair Glasses application scenarios which bright typhoon company at the conference site to do two different live demonstrations, respectively, for the application of the scene and the scene of the remote education glasses. Presenter wearing HiAR Glasses into the application, the application can view the weather information, e-mail, video and other content. But it may be due to the problem of information transmission, the scene when the screen appears, the delay time of the application is basically 3 seconds or more. In addition, HiAR supports voice recognition in Chinese and English, but in the demo, the presenter basically need to repeat one or two times the voice content to complete the control of AR glasses. From the demonstration point of view, this application is mainly for the presentation of the contents of the 3D, no more environmental recognition modeling capabilities. Distance education of geography is to complete the HiAR sandbox demo based on SLAM technology. Demonstration of the presence of a three-dimensional display of geographical environment相关的主题文章:

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