Italy construction workers in Hangzhou Mid Autumn Festival to experience the charm of traditional Ch

Italy construction workers feel the traditional Festival Mid Autumn Festival Chinese charm in Hangzhou (map) Ocean Festival in Chinese hole! Italy construction workers in Hangzhou from the Mid Autumn Festival on the evening of September 14th, the three Bureau of the Hangzhou science and technology exhibition held by the Ministry of science and technology project held a mid autumn festival gala. Construction workers from Italy and China’s construction workers together to participate in the festival, to feel the charm of traditional Chinese festivals. Moon cake, beer, cake, pasta, bread, fried potatoes, fruit…… Chinese food with Italy characteristics of food, so that we forget each other nationality, immersed in food and wine. Italy workers can enjoy the leisure time of night, also felt a strong atmosphere of China traditional festivals have a joyous gathering. "Hello" "thank you" "cheers" "Happy Mid Autumn festival!" These words have become the most commonly used sentences in the party. Although the language barrier, but these simple words to express the joy of the construction workers and the sincere friendship with each other. We play games together, collective birthday, regardless of color, regardless of age, now singing, now dancing to celebrate the festive season. With the rapid development of China economy, more and more international friends on the red hot Chinese dream. Italy construction units involved in the construction of Hangzhou’s construction projects, to contribute to the construction of beautiful Hangzhou. Hangzhou has gradually entered the first tier cities, and in the field of infrastructure is a small phenomenon that is changing rapidly. Reunion night workers a happy mid autumn festival greetings, not only full of love between ordinary workers friendship, also passed out construction workers worked for the construction of the beautiful Hangzhou selfless dedication of a sincere love.相关的主题文章:

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