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"IKEA is" a lie "blind" uncivilized behavior, how to prevent? – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 14th news recently, Shanghai IKEA shopping malls catering area placed in the doorway to the customer "book", explicitly put forward the "first purchase meal, after the seat of the new regulations. This restriction order will lead to a wide range of hot debate, IKEA following the IKEA lie once again become a major focus of public concern. "Restrictions" in dealing with the elderly blind group Shanghai IKEA issued a "limit order", many netizens exclaimed: in elderly blind group IKEA pissed! It is reported that every Tuesday and Thursday in Shanghai, Xuhui IKEA restaurant will appear in the old blind group, they occupied for a long time IKEA restaurant seats, and bring their own food and tea, from time to time, loud noise and spitting uncivilized phenomenon, and even the existence of misconduct alarm processing, etc. need to fight. In this regard, IKEA pointed out that the old age group in a restaurant behavior has seriously affected the majority of customers dining experience and safety, but also to the restaurant’s daily operations have a negative impact. Although IKEA staff repeatedly discouraged, but with little success, in this context, IKEA announced that from now on the restaurant began to implement the first purchase after meals, seat management mode, to provide services only to diners. IKEA also pointed out that if there is no civilization and violence, will be processed in the form of justice. For the implementation of the new regulations into effect, the reporter visited Shanghai IKEA again in the old "blind group" of the party, found the restaurant’s overall environment has improved significantly. IKEA also said that according to the relevant provisions of the operating conditions to make timely adjustments. IKEA lying cited foreign media attention to mention IKEA, we can think of it, there are IKEA lying". The "New York Times" website reported on August 29th, in the 21 IKEA stores around the Chinese, consumers or just want to sleep in air-conditioned places people will have no qualms about using the sample furniture took care of himself comfortably. "Chinese will tell you that people have or streams of people busily coming and going, sleep in the same bed of strangers, and will not interfere with you have a squint a while." In the domestic related reports, there are many people in the IKEA mall bed directly to the case. "IKEA lying" phenomenon is not only in China, the phenomenon itself is a form of consumer experience, but the improper grasp of the normal consumption of other consumers are likely to affect. At present, some countries and regions have banned IKEA stores consumers sleeping in the store, there are some countries do not want to alienate in the habit of sleeping in public customers, hope these customers on the basis of experience from potential customers into real customers, therefore did not take measures to prohibit. China’s state media reported last year that IKEA plans to ban bad manners and wake up customers who take off their shoes or nap in the quilt, but these regulations have not been enforced. Temporary stop uncivilized behavior "IKEA lie" and "a blind date, so it seems that IKEA really is a" good place "to attract consumers, but note that this kind of phenomenon is not a common phenomenon, but the specific location and specific)相关的主题文章:

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