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Huizong favorite tea dance, what is it? Sohu and review: "tea dance" are important aspects of the game activities in tea "," tea "activities began in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty, tea friends believe love is no stranger to the term" tea ". Although the "tea" activities in modern life have been rare, but enough to see the "tea dance" has a long history and rich cultural heritage. Knowledge about tea, the tea "on, how much do you know? "This has been described in detail, this is not much interested in tea, tea can add personal number: dydy280 for details. Today we take a look at what is tea dance. A, what is called tea dance? Speaking of "tea dance", the author inexplicably will think of "shadow", of course, "tea dance" and "shadow" and Never mind too much. The so-called tea dance, is the only use of tea and water, making tea veins forming words and patterns of ancient tea. This is also called tea, tea, tea soup, water Dan play play. The development of modern, can make tea in the tea dance pattern appears and disappear, so repeated several times. Two, the development history of tea tea dance drama origin in the Five Dynasties to North Song Tao Valley (903 ~ 970 years) the "clear differences recorded", this is his miscellaneous mining Sui and Tang Dynasties to the five generation of song so wrote a note, a total of six volumes, in thirty-seven, in the "? Records of Ming recorded": "to the Tang Dynasty Shisheng tea tea dance. I have soup Yun Shi Bi, don’t knack, make soup water lines into objects, animals fish plants of the genus, delicate and picturesque. But the spirit is spread out. This tea is, when people called the tea dance." In the Song Dynasty as respected by Song Huizong and court officials and scholars to achieve the ultimate, was not only popular in the imperial court, also spread in the north area of Wuyishan. After the Yuan Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty tea dance gradually decline, after almost lost. In 2010, tea dance has been included in the Wuyishan intangible cultural heritage. Three, "tea dance" the only heritage – Zhang Zhifeng in 1984 from the Fujian Agricultural University after graduation has been committed to the professional tea tea culture research and exchange, 1997 to Okinawa to study Japanese tea technology, through a preliminary understanding of the Japanese tea ceremony tea method. 2004-2005 was selected as the Ministry of foreign affairs, Chinese first tea professional international exchange to teach in Japan Chinese tea culture period, a systematic study of a year of Japanese tea ceremony urasenke, inspired from the point of tea and tea by the Japanese tea ceremony tool. Map: Zhang Zhifeng teacher in 2005 by performing acrobatics tea production, tea processing and tea for round cakes tea skill five years to test hundreds of times, finally in the spring of 2009, the initial recovery of tea in tea art, can show the text and images. Four, a "tea dance" history books "wine strong hero bravery, tea make people think." Since ancient times literati and tea show the indissoluble bound. A game of scholars and appreciation and praise, discusses on the formation, tea tea dance, dance development and dissemination has played a huge role in promoting. Pictured: Song Huizong, Song Dynasty tea hundred, "Zhao Ji相关的主题文章:

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