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Hubei Xiangyang look forward to world attention Chinese media executives said when the news agency of the new network in Xiangyang in September 17, bridge – (Ma Furong Yang Ge Deng Juhong) "the overseas Chinese media is an important carrier of China and world interoperability, booming Xiangyang, looking forward to the attention of the world." CPC Hubei Municipal Committee, executive vice mayor Wang Zhaomin 17, hoping to convey the voice of Xiangyang to the world through the Chinese media. The same day, 19 countries from the five continents of the 29 overseas Chinese media executives, arrived in Xiangyang, a historical and cultural city interviews, visits. Wang Zhaomin meets with the delegation. Wang Zhaomin introduction, Xiangyang city has 2800 years of history, is the birthplace of Chu culture, cultural origin, Han cultural core area and the ancient cultural representative region. 32 times in Xiangyang masterpiece "Three Kingdoms" 120 stories, known as "St. Zhu Geliang" was here Gonggeng seclusion for ten years, leaving the most famous "Longzhongdui". Wang Zhaomin said that Xiangyang is the old industrial base, China’s auto industry gathering area. In recent years, Xiangyang vigorously promote the quality and efficiency of industrial upgrading, "lane change beyond", has been formed to the car as the leading modern equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles, new energy, new materials, electronic information, medicine and chemical industry, deep processing of agricultural products as the leading modern industrial system. "I hope that the Chinese media representatives in Xiangyang during more than a walk, see more, through your site visits and lively reports, to the world about the Xiangyang story, showing the image of Xiangyang." Wang Zhaomin said. Overseas Chinese media executives to participate in the forum. Liang Ting, Sweden, the Nordic times editor in chief, he represented the high level of overseas Chinese language media. He said, even though we live in different countries, but we always forget the body the blood flowing in the nation, pure love will never change. Overseas Chinese media is an important source of information for overseas Chinese readers to learn about China and the world. He said he will be the Confucianism, the Hubei trip back to the country to report what one sees and hears, and share the media platform, let the Swedish friends concerned about the development of Hubei to better understand the achievements of construction and development of Hubei. The overseas Chinese media executives in Hubei Xiangyang Railway Station activities organized by the China news agency, the Xiangyang municipal government, Chinese news agency Hubei branch to undertake. (end)相关的主题文章:

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