He was frustrated that gold soared EIA to postpone the oil again empty winbook

He Yuhan: $EIA gold soared frustrated crude oil once again postponed the empty client to view the latest quotes [news] $basic smell again in the bad news after the non farm! The ISM non manufacturing index showed that the highest in six years the most weak level of the rate of expansion in August, the Fed’s employment market situation index unexpectedly coupled with a game called non-agricultural fell to negative, the fed in September and December is expected to raise interest rates sharply, which also led to the dollar index plunged 1% Tuesday, hit the biggest decline in five weeks. Wednesday (September 7th) Asian city international gold prices rose slightly, the current increase of 0.04% to $1350.49 an ounce trading. Overnight gold closed up $27.30, or $1354, at $2.1% an ounce, intraday highs since August 5th to $1356.45 ounce. Data released on Tuesday showed that the United States in August ISM non manufacturing PMI index fell to a minimum of 51.4 since October 2010, reducing the probability of the Fed’s interest rate hike in September, thus boosting the price of gold. On Tuesday, October crude oil futures closed up 0.88% at $44.83 a barrel, Brent crude oil futures fell 0.78%; in November, $47.26 a barrel. Iran clear yield remarks that the market is very panic, but last night due to a weaker dollar bad US data for oil prices to provide support. [analysis] gold spot gold’s recent trend is bittersweet, since Yellen’s speech, gold has not been out of decent rebound, after last week’s payrolls data is less than expected, gold was finally ushered in the spring, the Bulls finally launch a counterattack to regain a bureau. The trend, overnight data weighed on the United States that down, gold prices benefit to counterattack near $1352 blocked down, eventually received a daily column Dayang entity. On the daily level, strong gold price overnight through the 20 day and 50 day moving average resistance, and closing above $1350. MACD red column kinetic energy index, two preliminary MACD, KDJ index rebound upward, medium-term risks to neutral. 4H level, the short-term price of gold back to the upside risk, if the market outlook continues to close above the 50 day moving average, then the price of gold continued to rise to near $1360, otherwise it will run around $1350. He Yuhan spot silver reference proposal: gold can refer to the top 1350 short, stop $4, the target to see $1340. [analysis] spot crude oil from daily technical indicators chart, Bollinger Bands still have necking operation, currently running on the K Bollinger band rail is blocked by K Bollinger band rail 46.1 line suppression, MA5 MA10 hand moving average Sicha down, K blocked on average 10 days at $45.5 near brin rail still at $4,3.1 position to form the key support, MACD index in 0 near the cross axis Sicha down operation, the green volume volume, index is neutral; look after oil prices yesterday fell below $44 mark rebound trend closer to the bulls from four hours, is currently in the cloth belt rail above, and in.相关的主题文章:

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