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Have [color off]30, FireWire indisponibili: Bettis defender incomplete Royal Society on Friday 027 Nandi La Liga Royal Society VS Royal Bettis recommended: Sheng FireWire courier: Royal Society on wheel away than 0 2 defeat to Derby rivals Ewald, in game losing streak, the 6 round of the downstream product 7 points ranked in. This season 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative home court only lost to Real Madrid last week; Bettis 1 to 0 victory over the home court with rival Malaga, the season home court victory, temporary 1 points higher than the Royal Society in the middle. The season 3 away games scoring 9 goals conceded away after granada. Royal Society nearly 4 times against Bettis to win the game for the first time, the home has been playing against Bettis for the 8 time in a row for 3. Injury interpretation: Royal Society: A, Houston’s defender more red card suspension, defender Yuri and C Martinez, striker Achille Reece and midfielder Granero and goalkeeper Tonio is still on the sidelines, midfielder Baer Gallas missed a big list of key midfielder Prieto and winger Sarwar is expected to return to the starting oaxaca. Bettis: the Royal Guard Mandy and Dumixi failed to return, midfielder J Martin and striker Sana Flea A to recuperate, defender R Navarro on the first round by Martinez to replace A. Interpretation: handicap: William Hill: 1.75 3.50 compensate 4.33, 1.80 3.75 4.60 1.85 3.50 4.50, Wade: 1.80 3.60 5 3.20 3.75 1.78 3.40 4.60 bwin:2.00 – disc: aocai: half a 1.02 0.84, half a 1 0.86 Bet365: 1.05 – 1.05 0.88 half hemisphere 0.85 Wade: 0.87 1.05, 1.04 0.88 half hemisphere Royal Society although the performance of fatigue on the road, but returned to the home court often have to play well, plus the squad depth enough, enough to deal with the problem of injury; Bettis before the 6 round of Valencia team only beat last round win downturn, Malaga is also controversial, as the defense two main has not yet recovered, with people too. The disc open to a high water market, the major companies have unified adjust to a half disc, his confidence, the compensate wins odds have higher Bettis no odds, optimistic about the Royal Society home court victory. On Friday, 031            Portuguese; Tundra VS Ferreira recommended: first, second choice: Tundra wins FireWire courier away last week 2 defeat in 0 Maritimo feet, before the League 6 wheel 2 flat 4 negative have not won, becoming the only win of the Portuguese team. The first 6 League tondela only scored 2 goals than any Portuguese team are less likely to be 3 times this season, home court is none; Ferreira in the home court 2 1 win over Olympic closing avi, made two league wins, ranking quickly rose to tenth..相关的主题文章:

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