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Finland mobile library 5 years into 70 schools hope to cooperate and China reading – Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou, November 7 (Shi Jiaxiu Yang Yunyi) "if the children in remote areas are unable to go to the library, so we let go to the library to children." 7, a bus carrying more than 5000 books of the truck pulled into the Zhejiang Normal University Hangzhou campus in Xiaoshan, Tiina from Finland, Herlin to many teachers of professional college students, first introduced the Chinese can "flow" of the library, she hopes to cooperate with China many public library, reading will bring more fun in children. The mobile library has been transformed from a heavy truck with a colorful cartoon image, with more than 5000 children’s books on the shelves and a complete lighting and air conditioning system. The project in 2011 by the Finland nonprofit Tongli Centennial fund will launch 5 years, mobile library has been visiting the 70 primary school Chinese 33 City, to benefit children up to 60 thousand people. The project leader Tiina Herlin was a teacher who taught for more than 20 years. She said that in Finland, the mobile library has more than 50 years of history, the mobile library has become the 140 Finland residents living in an integral part of the. The foundation, which she brought to China, is meant to bring the fun of reading to children of migrant workers and children in remote mountainous areas. "If a child becomes a good reader, he becomes a good student." Tiina Herlin said that some children may resist reading, resist learning, but if they come into contact with the first book after reading interest, it is possible to stay away from electronic products, began to enjoy reading. Therefore, the flow of library books selected by library professionals, not one of the school textbooks, but the fairy tale, encyclopedic knowledge, historical stories and cartoon books and other content rich extracurricular books. Moreover, the mobile library is not only limited to reading, but also organize volunteers to carry out activities related to reading, learning, sports and games. At present, the mobile library every visit to a school, will stay for 7 to 12 days, but because of the large number of Chinese schools, it can not meet the needs of a large number of reading. In this regard, the project has been in Zhejiang province and Jinlin foundation and other agencies to cooperate, to expand the range, continuous visits, donated books and other activities, Tiina Herlin hopes that with Chinese many public libraries cooperate to solve the problems existing in the library flow. (end)相关的主题文章:

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