Faye Wong secretly left the clinic medicine to the eye when the right eye covered gauze (video) visualboyadvance

Faye Wong secretly left the clinic medicine to the eye when the right eye covered gauze Faye Wong was witnessed appeared at the beginning of the month on the Faye Wong clinic at Paris fashion week Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media reported in November 8th, two years ago, breaking 11 years of Faye Wong and Nicholas century complex, two years, although two people have the busy, but the feeling is still increasing, but the outside is concerned about is Nicholas with Faye Wong’s daughter Dou Jing Tong whether the day before Maria Tung appeared to live together in peace together, Nicholas "Twelve Feng taste" (watch) program, the two round of mutual embrace, while smoking and chatting, which shows a good relationship! Daughter and boyfriend get along very well, sandwiched in the middle of Faye Wong naturally put down the heart of stone, but also have time to spend the spirit to deal with physical problems. The day before (month 26) afternoon, nearly 6 points, the car parked in the Mong Kok media witnessed Faye Wong downtown, not long before he saw Faye Wong wearing a gray T-shirt with wide trousers down from the car along the road, always go down, she was accompanied by the assistant, Huifeng center, take the elevator on the 9 floor, vision in heart patients. Although not what people in the clinic, but Faye Wong is still on high alert, bow sitting in a corner, after a while, she went into a room, the reporter saw the hospital brand, found clinics designed to help patients with cataract and retinal surgery yellow spots. It is understood that the former Kate Tsui scandal boyfriend Albert Albert is also a practicing physician in this eye center, there are usually a lot of star artists patrons. Faye Wong in the clinic for 1 minutes, then down hurried away, during the building while she was waiting for the elevator, the reporter found the right eye with a large gauze mask. To the downstairs pedestrian road there are many passers-by, Faye Wong consciously put his hand on the gauze, very evasive. Because of Faye Wong’s car parked in front of the building, Faye Wong just walk into the car, then the car driving back to the deep Huang Bi apartment. Faye Wong, you are such a "big sister" (Tencent entertainment)相关的主题文章:

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