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Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun won the Golden Horse Film   Fan Bingbing: my family for the best horse – Jiangxi channel — original title: Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun won the Golden Horse winner Fan Bingbing: my family has the best horse role to complete". Never forget to say, "whenever and wherever you are, you are the best actress in my heart."". Fan Bingbing also forwarded Li Chen micro-blog issued a document, said winning or losing is a domestic matter, director Feng Xiaogang prize winning has made her very happy, the future still need to make persistent efforts. For her boyfriend’s intimate comfort, she is a shy smile map posted back: "what’s more, we have a best horse (Li Chen horse)." The onlookers were again stuffed with "dog food"". Why are there two strikes in one? Xu Anhua said the key to victory with Ma Sichun Dongyu Zhou won the best actress Fan Bingbing, many fans questioned the golden horse "egg yolk" results this year, the president of the jury Xu Anhua for the first time to explain, she revealed the best actress for Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun are really focused on the Fan Bingbing body, Dongyu Zhou slightly ahead, but not enough to win. So, Xu Anhua made a motion to consider "Dongyu Zhou + Ma Sichun" option, "(Jin Ma) Executive Committee position does not encourage tied, but the judges after watching the film with an idea, if you want to change this principle, there are 2/3 judges by can, when I proposed parallel option, the judges agreed. This is different from that of Huang Bo and Nick Cheung in the same year, when 9 votes to 8 appeared again. The evaluation of them (Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun) is indispensable." When it comes to "Pan Jinlian" lose, Xu Anhua believes that Fan Bingbing’s performance was confined to the whole drama style, "a lot of lens side and middle ground, not to the actor’s performance oriented drama pores. But "in July and she" of the passions can see, acting requirements are not the same". (reporter Chen Hui) (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun) 周冬雨马思纯获金马影后 范冰冰:我家已有最好的马–江西频道–人民网 原标题:周冬雨马思纯获金马影后 范冰冰:我家已有最好的马   角色要去完成”。还不忘告白,“无论何时何地,你都是我心中的最佳女主角”。范冰冰也转发李晨微博发文表示,输赢乃兵家常事,导演冯小刚得奖已让她非常高兴,未来仍需再接再厉。对于男友的贴心安慰,她则是贴出娇羞贴图笑回:“更何况,我们家已经有一匹最好的马(李晨属马)了。”围观的网友再被塞了一把“狗粮”。   为何出现二打一的局面?   许鞍华道出胜负关键   周冬雨与马思纯一起获得最佳女主角,不少范冰冰粉丝质疑金马“双黄蛋”的结果,今年评审团主席许鞍华第一时间作出解释,她透露最佳女主角的争夺确实集中在周冬雨、马思纯还有范冰冰身上,周冬雨稍稍领先,但不足以单独取胜。于是,许鞍华提出临时动议,可以考虑“周冬雨+马思纯”的选项,“(金马)执委会的立场并不鼓励并列,但评委看完影片后有了想法,如果要变更这个原则,就得有三分之二的评委通过才可以,当我提出并列选项,评委们都同意了。这与当年黄渤、张家辉并列的情况不同,当时是9票对8票反复出现。对她们(周冬雨与马思纯)的评价是缺一不可。”   说到“潘金莲”输的原因,许鞍华认为范冰冰的表演局限于整个戏的风格化,“很多镜头是侧面和中景,不是以演员的毛孔表演为主的戏。而《七月与安生》的喜怒哀乐都能看到,演戏的要求不一样”。(记者 陈慧) (责编:邱烨、帅筠)相关的主题文章:

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