Deng Jiajia, the hero of anger, the high quality of film shooting method (video) ()

Deng Jiajia Wang Lei "hero" movie shot anger high quality entertainment Tencent directed by famous director Mao Weining, Wang Cheng Gang screenwriter, actor Deng Jiajia, Wang Lei and others led war theme TV series "Heroes" in anger in September 7th will be landing in Jiangsu TV, Shenzhen satellite TV primetime premiere. The play tells the story of the Japanese invaders in Shanghai during the period of the island and the puppet king of China’s Secret sale of opium, Wang Lei was played by Yuan Shuai, played by the young man, led by the story of the story of the resistance of young people, such as the story of the young people in the world. The story of the story of the young people in the world in the period of the island of in the period of the world war ii. Deng Jiajia played in the play, straightforward character, three is the super rich "miss Guan Shuang", is the righteous, who is also a hot blooded youth, can hold a gun battle, fighting revolutionary fighters! Not only that, but also staged a variety of dress show, the handsome capable and graceful freely switch, amazing shape, too busy to attend to all! The play is "banners" return to the production team after three years, the two strength of the actors Deng Jiajia and Wang Lei Biao play the same stage with comparable film shooting style, each scene beautiful screen, minute screenshots are visible movie posters, the drama of the restraint carefully, to ensure the quality of a fine production! Please look forward to September 7th, Jiangsu TV, Shenzhen TV broadcasting of the "Heroes" anger, making conscience take you to open the red September! "Anger" hero song MV: Peng Weihan sang "lonely hero"相关的主题文章:

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