Chrysanthemum yellow crab fat, where to buy a university asked! – Sohu to eat and drink (video) guitarpro5

Chrysanthemum yellow crab fat, where to buy a university asked! – Sohu to eat and drink chrysanthemum yellow fat, where to buy a university asked! —# fresh red NET vs net red vegetable market into the shop in this article # Jingdong # NET vs net fresh fresh red red vegetable market # micro-blog, with the baby went to the Chaoyang farmers market, took to share with you some pictures and video. Wuxi Chaoyang farmers market in the center of Wuxi, is the city’s largest, most complete varieties, the optimal environment, management of the most stringent food basket retail terminal window and parity market, the Wuxi people’s "vegetable basket" consumer choice, is the old Wuxi people are more familiar with the market. Every day is very busy, not only love people around here to buy food, and even many lived far old old uncle aunt also came all the way to the bus subway pulling carts to the market, in the mind of the people of Wuxi status. The following is my contrast to the Wuxi Chaoyang farmers market and Jingdong fresh ingredients purchased separately. Also used to buy ingredients to do two dishes, will share with you in the text. Shopping environment comparison: this vegetable market is far away from my home, a taxi needs more than and 30 dollars, pushing a child to a very inconvenient. I deliberately avoid the peak flow around nine, but the market is still very crowded. Because it is the largest market in Wuxi, is said to be here to keep the traffic around 50 thousand people, the peak period of more than 100 thousand passengers. Therefore, when you buy food, you need to pay attention to carry items, but also to stare at a child. The market environment is relatively noisy, the baby will stay for a while began crying badly, clamoring to go. So some areas did not come and go, had to carry a large package to push her home. When to buy crab aquaculture area, found the ground slippery is not easy, buy Aquatic elderly people should pay special attention to. Comparison of the types of food dishes in the market is very rich in vegetables, but like meat, aquatic these hot ingredients, if it is not enough to buy early or may not want their own parts or varieties. Compared to the fresh Jingdong at any time with the convenience of the underground alone. Only if you want to eat live seafood, such as fish, to the vegetable market to buy is definitely the best choice. Wuxi Chaoyang farmers market fruit varieties are also very rich, is not cheap. Some are more expensive than the supermarket near me. Just under the rain, the door of the markets in particular is not easy, many electric cars parked with many water. I generally don’t take children here too crowded, far from home, bought food but also their own home, especially need some fresh ingredients, only to get home as soon as possible. Comparison of the purchase time: Wuxi Chaoyang farmers market in general more people in the morning, the food is relatively fresh, especially if you can go a little earlier, or you can buy a lot of fresh ingredients. But if I need to travel back and forth for nearly two hours, or in the fresh single place of the Jingdong at any time more convenient for more than 24 hours. This time I order is around 10 in the morning, the results were sent in the afternoon, do not delay my cooking in the evening. The only drawback is that if the order is a little late, we have to wait until the second day of receipt. Unlike vegetable market相关的主题文章:

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