Chinese stealth fighter f -20 will first show has high vertical climbing ability googims

Chinese stealth fighter f -20 will debut with high speed vertical climbing capacity of the Russian swift performance team went to the scene. JINGWAH Times reporter Tao Ran photo China hundreds of pieces of air force battle equipment collective debut in the eleventh session of the Zhuhai air show Chinese. Yesterday, the air force spokesman Shen Air Force announced at the press conference in Chinese airshow, the air force pilots will be driving fighters -20 aircraft flight in the Eleventh Chinese airshow display, which is China independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter debut. The domestic development of -20 is advancing according to plan yesterday held "China RAF China airshow news conference, Shen introduction, f -20 aircraft is to meet the future needs of the battlefield, by a new generation of stealth fighter Chinese developed. At present, the development of F -20 aircraft is advancing according to plan, the machine will further enhance the comprehensive combat ability is helpful to our air force, the air force to better shoulder the sacred mission of safeguarding national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity. JINGWAH Times reporter combing found that the Chinese annihilates -20 airshow debut, will be following the 2014 -20 large transport after second Chinese airshow debut, sent sophisticated weapons during the research of public display. According to public reports show that the -20 is a new generation of stealth fighter developed by Chinese aviation industry group. In January 2011, the first fighter -20 demonstrator in Chengdu first flight, and caused great concern at home and abroad, many military enthusiasts will be the fighter named "black four generation machine, nicknamed" black ribbon". It is understood that there will be the -20 par American F-22 fighter production. The performance has high vertical climbing ability after years of development, this year China show on the eve of public opinion for the show will debut in the f -20 news that raise a Babel of criticism of especially during the national day, a long period of time of 4 minutes of F -20 flying video exposure, is enough to hoist an appetite. Video two f -20 fighter formation flight, made a number of difficult maneuvers in the air, including continuous rolling in the air and large angle rotation. Military expert Du Wenlong said in an interview, the -20 visual climbing angle of about 90 degrees, with a high speed vertical climbing ability. This shows that the machine has reached a high level of engine thrust weight ratio, if these actions can be used in combat, combat advantage. It can be seen that the power technology for F -20 is not a big problem, even more than foreign fighters also slightly progress. In addition, the video in 180 degree minimum turning radius f -20 also makes the fans hooked. "This action is very demanding for the engine." Du Wenlong said, if the judgment is correct, it uses a thrust vector engine, otherwise it is impossible in such a small radius, so a short period of time to complete the nose pointing." > > other highlights -20 will be the first time for the public display of this show will highlight the aviation industry emphasizes to create "20 series". In addition to the f -20, this year just serving large transport near -20 will transport second visits to the show site, and the last is different, the air force pilots will drive -20 transport aircraft in the air show, and will be the first time for the audience to static display. )相关的主题文章:

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